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Dry Food?

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Hi all. I have three cats...Hannah (5), Elroy (4) and Quigley (1). I'm currently feeding them Evo wet twice a day and leaving out a bowl of Science Diet indoor (approximately 1 cup total for the 3 of them). I'm thinking of switching them over to a different dry but can't figure out which one I should use. Hannah and Quigley are both FeLV+ so I want to make sure they have the best diet possible.

I have been thinking of using Evo Dry or Regal Dry. Any suggestions or other ideas? Also...Quigley has chronic diahrrea but has been cleared of any parasites. We're still working to figure out what is causing that. I've read that a lot of dry food is "rich" so I guess maybe I'd like to stay away from anything that might make his diahrrea worse. Thanks!
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if you do a search on the forums youll get lot s of info ... many multi meat no grain drys and some multi meat and multi grain drys are a bit "rich" for some kitties... have you looked at something simple like califonia natural, natural choice
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