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second litters

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hi my name is rebecca and my kitty is expecting kittens any day now. this will be her second and last litter. she is a blue persian having babies to a cream cp persian. i know the kittens will be gorgeous!!!
my question is with this being her second litter is she likely to go full term or do second litters come sooner? i have also heard that second litters produce more kittens, she had 6 in the first!
her due date is saturday but she is so huge she looks like she swallowed a football, i can see the kittens moving and she has started nesting in earnest now absolutley refusing to go where i have set up her quiet place. typical eh?!
she will not allow me to take her temp so im none the wiser that way, but she is very clingy and very tired bless her. she is still eating but not as much as last week and she is not drinking as much.
i have nowhere to be over the next few days as i have cleared my calender to be with her if she needs me but im really hoping that she wont go at 3am lol.
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My queens generally were about the same length in days with the litters (varying a day or two different). They generally had one or two less then the first litter.

Hope she has some nice babies for you. Are you planning on keeping and showing any of your kittens?

Don't forget to post pictures
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The queens I know tend to go about the same amount of time. Litter sizes have varied, some have more than 1st litter others have less.
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My females generally tend to go around the same time (I breed Persians). For example we have our "63 day" females and our "65 day" females. I don't know about "her due day being on Saturday" since the gestational period for Persians is so varied.

My female Flutterby (Exotic) has had 2 litters both were 65th day, both were Saturday and both started at around 9am - BUT one litter had 6 (5 lived) and the second had 5.

I would love to see pics of your CPC's
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here is oscar boscar

and mum matilda

charts tell me the boys will be blue and the girls blue/cream.
i cant wait!!!
she is really nesting now. she mated on the 7th of feb so im guessing she will be due on saturday.she went bang on 63 days last time.
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Both cats are very nice!! Keep us posted!
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well here we are on day 63 and no sign of babies.
come on kitty!(her name is kitty btw) she doesnt leave my side the last few days and has chosen under the babies crib to nest! is that ok are there any health risks involved in that? if its not suitable how do i persuade her to go somewhere else?

aarrggghhhh come on babies i can see you moving.
i like guessing whether its a arm leg head or bum i can feel sticking out lol.

so any one want to guess how many and colours?
she is solid blue and daddy is cream cp.
also some names daughter wants to do a high shool musical theme but well im not too keen on that.
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I would put her in a box in a crate/puppy pen if it was me.

I don't have my females lose after two incidents - one had kittens on top of the fridge and one had them in my wardrobe.

Also keep her away from household noise/other animals/kids.

Lots of Persians go to 65/66 so you might be waiting a few more days.

Keep us updated
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So mom is not a cp carrier? If not, here's my prediction

4 kittens

2 males, 2 females

2 boys of course will be blue; 2 girls blue cream - one will have more cream then the other.
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Ummm..I always thought that colorpoints are supposed to have blue eyes..?! The male looks like a solid creme to me.. (But then again, I'm not an colorpoint expert..)
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He is a cream - but she was saying that the father is a colorpoint carrier - that's what CP means - a parent or grandparent, etc. are colorpoints. If bred to another CP carrier - you can get solid and pointed kittens. If only one parent is CP, you won't get colorpoints in the litter.
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The father is actually a cream bicolour - click the image to make it larger.
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By golly you are right - dad is a Cream and White - not a solid cream. So I'll have to revise my predications on kittens.

Still will stay with 4 kittens and 2 males, 2 females. But will change to two blue males and one blue-cream female, one dilute calico (blue-cream and white) female.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
He is a cream - but she was saying that the father is a colorpoint carrier - that's what CP means
Ah, the language barrier again, I thought that CP means colorpoint. (I should just go back to school to learn more english and shut up..)
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Naaaa its ok - we understand the "over the pond" language. I only know cause of having Persian/Himalayan friends. Not sure how I feel about combining them back - was a lot easier when the P/H were two separate "breeds" and were not really bred much together. Himi's stayed pointed, Persians stayed any color other then pointed.
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Ours have always been combined here - we don't call them Himi's, but just the pointed class - they are just another Persian colour here (used to be groups but someone in their wisdom banished groups)
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Not sure if its allowed (CFA/ACFA) for the Persians to have a Pointed and White now. But if they are putting the Himis in with the Persians as a division (pointed), then they should accept the pointed/white ones.
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