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operation crazy cat lady is proceeding nicely

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So I'm sure ya'll are aware of my husband and his cat issues. It took us 3 years to adopt our first kitty, and it was a rocky first few months before he finally got used to her. Now he'll freely admit he loves her and won't hesitate to pick her up and cuddle. Before he used to freak if she came near him, because he didn't want to have to clean the cat hair off his clothes (he's a bit fastidious with his dress )

Of course, my goal is to have more than one cat, while the husband is firmly commited to having only one. Little does he know I have plans bwahaha!

So last night while he was at the dentist, I spent some time at the local petsmart playing with the kitties. There was one that just tugged at my heart strings

Lopez is a massive kitty who was rescued from the jaws of death (ie euthenazia) by a local animal rescue. He had frostbite on his ears, so half of them are missing. He's a huge love bug who just wants to cuddle.

I took the husband to meet him after his appointment and the husband spent a good 5 or 5 minutes petting him Granted, we can't get any more cats now (1 cat per apartment limit), but once we more and/or get a house...*deviously rubs hands together*
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I got my first apartment with my sister as my roomate. She didn't want cats at first but I wore her down too and now that she lives somewhere else she misses them terribly! I eventually got three! It took me a year to get the first one, than Fiona seemed lonely so a few months later we got ReeRee (for Fiona of course)...than a year later I wanted another one and she was resigned to having cats so she said she didn't care! I love all my precious babaies!

I am so glad I live in a small apartment so I CAN'T get anymore....i really want a kitten.
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Lopez is too cute! And even after all he's been through he still looks like he has lots of love to give.
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LOL.. I like the way you think Mrs. Wife! I thought for a minute after seeing his picture that your husband might be taken back by his lack o' ears, but it sounds like his sweetness is exactly the kind that will get him hooked..

You'll reform him yet.. I just know it!
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It was especially suprising since my husband is a huge ear person. Weird I know, but he likes to grab our kitty's ears and play with them Lopez was all over him though, rubbing up against him and begging for more petting. If we could have another cat in the apartment and if the husband was willing, I'd totally take him home right then and there. Alas. Thankfully he's now in a no kill shelter, so the right person will come along eventually
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He's a cute big black kitty! I got my new boy Zeke at a Petsmart. I have to stay out of those stores now because it's too tempting to look at those adorable cats.
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My husband has a kitty ear thing too He's always grabbed cats' ears and babytalked them? His brother does it too, I think their dad did it!

Tell your husband two cats are WAY better than one, they keep each other company!
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What an adorable cat! Such a big lovebug.
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Oh man, I even have the perfect name for him now - Stumpy. Squeaky and Stumpy
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I love the name Stumpy! Can you move house so you can get 2??
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WOW!! Lopez looks to be part labrador retriever!! He sounds like an absolute sweetheart, and don't worry, all it takes is one special kitty to turn your hubby's heart into a cat-loving machine.
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