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cat losing hair under his collar

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my short hair male cat Guardian is losing the fur under his collar, ive made sure multiple times that its not too tight or too loose so its not rubbing, there is no sores or anything its just a bald patch where the collar was (i took it off) he goes outside alot so I don't want him without a collar. is this normal? or does he need a new collar?
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He could be having an allergic reaction to the collar. Try buying one made out of a different material (the softest one you can find) and see if that makes a difference.

This isn't a flea collar, is it? Because the chemicals in those can be dangerous to cats and could definitely cause a reaction. It's recommended to use single-application flea treatments like Advantage or Frontline instead.
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It can happen with regular collars. The collar rubs at the fur. Either the fur will break off and be shorter where the collar is or the fur will thin out some.

Sho's fur did the same thing when he used to wear a collar. If you remove the collar the fur should regrow fine in a few weeks. Otherwise the fur there won't look perfect as long as your cat wears a collar - you could get him microchipped or even ear tattooed (if available, it would be more apparent to someone who found him that he has an owner).
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I've had 2 cats who wore the fur off under their collars. The only option that worked was to have them go collarless, and opt for another permanent form of marking (microchips).

One cat did have some success with a collar that was the woven cord on the outside but a soft flannel on the inside agaisnt the neck.

I don't know if fur type has anything to do with this but both cat had plushy short coats, very full and soft textured. One was a short haired persian-mix to give you an idea of the coat type.

It also may have something to do with how much your cat dislikes the collar and is actively working at it to try and get it off. One of ours used to scratch at hers until the collar went round and round her head.
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My cat has a collar but no rubbing off. I don't know if you have heard about the two finger rule but they say that you should be able to easily put two fingers in the collar, if you can't then it is too tight. My cat has been chipped but I use the collar too because he has two bells on his collar which prevent him from killing the birds and he also has a little id thing on it too just in case. My cats collar is a really soft brown leather and he doesn't mind it at all. I also only put his collar on when he goes outside, I always take it off when he is inside and as he is in overnight I take it off. That might help with his fur to grow back, also I agree with the info about the flea collars they can be very irritating to a cats skin which could be the issue.
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This happens with one of our dogs. under her neck is completely bald from the collar. It does appear to be from the collar rubbing (even though you can fit a good portion of your hand under the collar).

After awhile we switched her collar (we get them new ones every so often) and it doesn't seem to be rubbing as bad, so perhaps a new collar will help?
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My NFC used to wear a collar and it rubbed the hair off.
It should grow back fine if you take the collar off, it has in my others cats, it just never grew back on my NFC, her hair is long though so it's not noticable unless you're combing her out.
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Unfortunately, local Councils often REQUIRE you to have your cat with a collar and Council Tag on them!  Fortunately, my cat is indoor only so no issue with collar.  However, her previous owner had a collar on her and she has an area of skin actually rubbed off under her chin.

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I've had similar trouble with my older cat who looks very much like a norwegian forest cat. He was a rescue so I really have no idea. His fur there has never grown back. I keep debating whether or not to try with a colar again on him. He's an indoor cat, but if somehow something happened and he was outside I'd feel much more comfortable if he was wearing a collar with an id tag.
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This has happened to one of my cats, George—he has short fur that's very fine and soft. I have another cat, Grizz, that wears a collar, but he hasn't lost any fur. His coat is also short, but it's much thicker. Grizz actually sheds quit a bit and even though his fur is short, he needs to be brushed regularly. But George hardly sheds at all. I think that's the difference—George's fur is just finer and more likely to break under the collar. He's totally used to it (he'll even wear a harness for days and it doesn't bother him), so he doesn't scratch at it, etc. And, it was on loosely. Definitely not an allergic reaction either. His skin is fine. I think it just happens to some cats due to the type of fur they have.  

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My cat has been wearing a collar since he was a kitten. I switched his collars very 8 months or so but I haven't done it recently. He has been losing some fur due to not switching his collar around. I want him to wear a collar because he is so skiddish that it gives me less anxiety so I know where he is at all times.

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I had the same thing happen to one of my cat's a few years ago and the vet said it was mites in the collar. I was told to get a new collar and put some sort of ointment on it. Now abt 15 years later my new cat is doing the same thing only I can't remember what the ointment was so I did a Google search which led me here. My point is that it could be mites in the collar.
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