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A Female Dalmation in need!

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My son has to move into a new appt., and has a five year old Dalmation he can not take with him.Does anyone know of anyone who is looking for one? She is very healthy , loves kids ,dogs and cats. Is housebroken,trained.She is really a good dog,He does not want to take her to the pound.We live in New York state. You can PM me.
Thanks Sherral46
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Sherral, if you weren't so far away, I'd be on her, like a shot. We need to balance out the dogs and cats. Hopefully, you find a good home for her.
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Poor doggy...why does he HAVE to move? Maybe he can work out something else or find a place that allows doge. My family moved from California to Florida and brought our two dogs, our fish, our horned toad, and DROVE in a station wagon. We were determined to keep our family together.
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He had to move into a cheaper place and the land lord won't let him keep her.He would loke to.I have sent a e-mail to the dalmation rescue, Haven't heard from them yet.
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I know my SIL would take her...She has 2 of them already..she had 3 but had to put one of them to sleep due to health problems..epilepsy(sp?) yea..it was really sad..where are you at???
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New York State About 2 hours from Buffalo NY
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That's a long ways from where I am.....I almost know for sure she would take her, but NY is just too far...she is a dalmation freak..everything in her house has dalmation spots on it...
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Sherral, I looked up dalmatian rescues, too. Here's an link, if you don't have it:

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