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Finally some good news. but sure doesn't make Arizona look good

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When i left Arizona I was forced to file unemployment because of the whole mess that happened.

I was approved, and one week after leaving started getting my benefits. 3 weeks later they stopped paying me, telling me I didn't fill out this form that i had not only filled out, i sent it registered so I would have proof. After 3 weeks I was finally over that hump and started getting my benefits again. for one week. Then they stopped paying me again saying I missed an orientation meeting I was never notified of. I had to file an appeal. this was the third week in December. It is now four months later. yesterday they called me, asked me one question and approved the pay. Thankfully the benefits will come in including the back pay they should have never stopped to begin with.

4 months it took them to simply review my account. FOUR MONTHS. The investigation consisted of them calling me, asking me if I was available and ready to work. I said yes, and they said ok, you're approved.

Now, thankfully I was fortunate enough to have family to assist in my time of need, as well as some wonderful people here that helped. Because of the whole mess I lost my condo, all my savings etc. But can you imagine, if I had a family of my own. a kid and a wife. due to them stopping unemployment, which was the ONLY source of income I had at the time, I would have lost my car, home and everything else. They stopped payment, and I couldn't just call them, or go in. I had to wait for arbitration. FOUR MONTHS.

It is just sickening how people get screwed by the system. Thank God I had options, but how many people are now homeless because they didn't have those? How many people have been unnecessarily put out on the street because of the lack of competency of the state employment agency?

I am angry beyond belief. Not because of my problem, but because of the experience, and the thought of how badly this has damanged some very good people that simply had to rely on what they have paid into for every day they ever worked.

it's sad, really
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Well, you can thank the political system for that! They would rather pay for wars and bailouts instead of spending it on the U.S. citizens. It's a pain in the ass, but what can you do? Politicians don't give a shiat about us!
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Yup, government sucks and the people who work in goverment jobs don't give a rat's patoot for the most part. It isn't that the concept of govt is bad otherwise we would have even bigger problems... it's how it is run or not run on a daily basis.

I found this go-round with unemployment to be much more "pleasant" than in years past, I must say. And got answers pretty quickly. But then Michigan is used to dealing with this on a larger scale than perhaps some place like Az.

This also happens with SSI disability and other programs, as well as private pay insurance. People get jerked around every day. They get jerked around by their banks when they want to try to work something out re: mortgages. The process there is broken, also.

I am just glad that you are able to get your money. I don't like being "on the dole", but if I paid in and an employer paid in and the state says I qualify - I am taking the money.
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Yes, it is easy to get choked in the bereaucratic tangle In 1999, I was told that in an upcoming lawsuit, I would undoubtably be asked to prove that my numb hands and feet were NOT caused by carpal tunnel syndrome from tray service in the restaurants. My neurologist knew that I didn't have insurance and recommended that I contact my company's worker's comp. company & get a referral to their wc doctor at the company rate. All I did was leave a voicemail with the corporate secretary, inquiring the contact information for our worker's comp. company.
Instead of calling me back, she, herself, filed a claim and the CA law was that until that claim got denied, I couldn't work at the restaurant to get denied, I had to be evaluated by a vendored orthopedic surgeon that Worker's Comp would pay for. so, on a Monday, in July, I couldn't work at my job, no matter that I was not the person who started the action, nor that I had signed NOTHING!! My daughter & I were living in my parents' house, thank God, but I was literally penniless. My dad supported my pets & horses. A friend driving w/ her daughter to NY gave my daughter & me a lift to TN, where my brother supported us for a couple of months; he then bought our airfare back to Burbank, CA. My girlfriend took us to her home in Thousand Oaks for a week, then drove us up to the Eastern Sierra.
My car insurance expired The doctor was not vendored and I was not cleared back for work until October Even though I received payment retroactive to July, it was too late - my credit card fees had gone thru the roof; my phone was disconnected; all my bills were delinquent

Glad to know that your situation is finally clearing up.
Situations like these explain how a well-intentioned, hard-working person can end up penniless and/or homeless
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What an unnecessary nightmare.. I'm so glad you are finally being ALLOWED to move on now though. These kinds of things are so absurd. I run into people every day who dishonestly feed off of various government systems with ease. At the same time, I have yet to run into many honest, hardworking and well-intentioned persons who haven't been jerked around at their own financial & emotional expense. I'm appalled at how a**backwards everything has become.. and how many people aren't appalled enough.

I usually resort to borderline harassment. If they won't work with me, won't get back to me and cause me financial<personal loss because of it, I pretend they are my best friends in the entire world. You know- the ones who call you a million times a day.

I'm the most annoying squeaky wheel everrrrrrrrr.
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