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Cat nail

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My cat came in last night after fighting with his nail hanging off. This morning he seems a little distracted and quiet. There was a lot of blood and the nail is still there. Should I try to remove the nail, will it heel up or grow another and push the old one out??
The vet won't tell me what to do without looking at him (which costs £22 just to see him).
Could something like this get infected??
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This is one of those times when a vet visit is absolutely necessary. Please, take him in as soon as you can.
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PS: I'm sure something like this could get infected. In fact, infections that start in a nail (nail bed) can become systemic and life-threatening. That's why normally vets prescribe an antibiotic. (To prevent serious complications.)
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You can pull it off but it will be very painful for your cat. You should see the vet, the vet will most likely sedate you cat, pull the nail off, wash it and maybe put some collosate gel on it to help keep it clean. They will most likely send home antibiotics as well. If you want to save money, don't let your cat go outside and get into fights with other cats. This time it was a nail, next time it could be an abscess and then you'll really be spending some money.
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I agree. A vet visit is definitely in order. Pet ownership is not always cheap, and you must commit to the expense of vet care when you adopt (or buy) an animal. I also agree with the above post that it will save you the most money to just keep kitty inside. There are too many things that can happen to an outside kitty, and ultimately you will have your companion with you a lot longer if you keep them safe indoors.
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