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Daily Thread Thurs April 9th!

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Yay it's fake Friday!! Tomorrow is Good Friday so I have the day off! WOOT!

I am heading to work...tonight Josh is going to a hockey game so I am going to stay home and put laundry away and stuff.

We have literally 3 easter dinners this weekend...ugh..the miracle of divorced parents.

So anyway, have a good one folks!
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Its a sunny day today but I'm not feeling very sunny.

Started coughing yesterday afternoon and now my throat is sore. Kind of a stuffy head but not. I'm sweaty but also cold at times. Grrrr......

This isn't going to help me get yard work done-I'll work slowly and take breaks!

We've been letting Buddy in the house more and he seems to be doing well-likes the basement for some reason? But I've tried to keep the bedroom doors closed but forgot and he peed on our bed! So the coverlet was treated, washed on now on the clothesline. The wool quilt just a little bit soaked so I treated last night and that is haning outside as well.

Neil took today off so he wants to do some yard stuff too.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and a bit milder here today

Have a few errands to run today stocking up before the long weekend.

This afternoon I am going to do a bit of baking for the freezer. Some muffins and oatmeal cookies.

Other then that it's going to be a fairly quiet day.

The kitties are window watching this morning...

Everyone have a great day
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I'm off today, but busy. Everyone is "de-winterizing" here right now. I've been brushing for about 30 minutes at a stretch for 3 hours now. I got enough white fluff off of Trace's belly to make a small pillow.
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We're back to nice Spring weather today - high of 70 and Sunny. I opened the windows for the first time in nearly a week so the kitties should be happy.

Slept in this morning because I'll probably be staying at work fairly late tonight. I have tomorrow off, so it's a 3 day weekend for me. I do still have a lot of work that needs to be done though, so while I won't be working over the weekend, I'll be 'working' remotely from home. Still, working from home with a kitty on my lap is much more pleasant (though a bit more distracting) than coming in to the office to work. My birthday happens to fall on Easter this year, so I'll be spending most of Sunday with my family. Other than that, no big plans for the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one.
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Morning all!
Today we are off to Davenport with Isis to have her checked out by the vet down there again. She's doing SO much better then when we first took her down, no itching so much that she's cutting into her skin, no scabs, it's like she's a whole new kitty. I'm pretty impressed, although I'd like it if the vet were a little more one on one, not so stand off ish. She seems to stay in the back while she looks at Isis and then her tech will come out and let us know how she's doing. Not a good way to get people to want to come back. The only reason we do is because Isis is doing so well, otherwise personally I wouldn't go back. And I understand sometimes she's to busy to talk, but everytime we go there?(once a month??) That's a little hard to swallow..

Oh well, We deal and get on with our day..Hope everyone else is having a great day!!! Happy Easter early (in case I don't get on here) Hope it's great for everyone!!!!
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Good morning!

Today is "tax day". I have all my papers together, and in a couple of hours I will be at the accountant's office. Nice way to spend a day off, huh?
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Today is my last day off before 4 12 hour night shifts so I am running errands, cleaning the apartment, and trying to relax all at once! Most of the errands are out of the way but I forgot kitty litter so I will have to run out again at some point. I've got a good start on cleaning and I am now relaxing so I am well on my way to getting everything accomplished!
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