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Fat Cat

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SO cute!
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Poor guy. I hope someone picked him up or that he is adopted.
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He must have been getting fed by ALL of the neighbors to get to that size as a stray. Only he got stuck.

Hope they find his owner or a new owner. And get him a cat wheel.
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We've had a couple of guys at the shelter that looked a lot like him! We even had our own "Goliath." They both got adopted; they had great personalities. This one looks much the same.
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OMG - he is ADORABLE!!! I would adopt him in a heartbeat! Too bad I live in the midwest...
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I'd take him in a heartbeat too!
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Not to worry, he was reunited with his owner. This month's Cat Fancy features Goliath in its Rescue of the Month article. His owner had given him up for dead until he saw the story on the news.
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