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Crew Regains Ship From Pirates

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American crew members aboard a U.S.-flagged ship regained control of the vessel hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia Wednesday, FOX News confirms.

Good for them! I thought I saw another story a week or two ago (maybe further back) where a crew of different nationality also foiled pirates trying to take their ship.

I don't know anything about maritime laws. Are merchant vessels allowed to carry arms for protection? The story said the ship had no weapons on board.
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I read that the captain exchanged himself for the safety of the crew. Sending prayers and vibes that he is safely rescued
I'm not sure why the ship had no weapons. It was a US Aid ship carrying food...a purely despicable act
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I hope the captain gets out of this okay.

From what I've been hearing, the pirates normally/usually treat captives fairly well.

There is a destroyer, the U.S.S. Bainbridge, on the scene, probably with a SEAL team on board (or on route) in case a rescue needs to be attempted.
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I'm praying for the captain as well as the crew from the captured boat and the crew on the U.S.S. Bainbridge. A coworker's son is on the destroyer.
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From what I have been hearing it is the shipping companies that feel it is dangerous and could cause them some legal issues if they arm the crew. Personally I don't think that is the way to go either. Hireing a security firm (I do believe Blackwater might be free?) to put a few trained people on board each ship would have to be cheaper then the millions they keep paying to these pirates. It wouldn't take a huge amount of people or firepower. Those ships are big, they would have the advantage of the high ground. One shot from a rocket launcher or grende thower and no more little pirate ship.

As for this situation, the crew are a bunch of heros and the captain the biggest one. And if that navy ship caves and gives them fuel or whatever they need to get to Somilia with their hostage, that man is dead. They better not. Right now the pirates are in lifeboat with no fuel. With one warship nearby and one or two more headed that way. They need to just give it up. They got no where to go and no way to get there.
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Typically, the pirates aren't out to harm the crews of the ships, they just want the cargo. Arming the crews could have the effect of upping the ante to the point where the pirates start killing the crews to take the cargo. Kind of a double edged sword. Also, some of the cargo the ships carry could be volatile, which could be disastrous if a lot of bullets start flying.

I don't know about Blackwater, I think they are too undisciplined.
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If they keep giving the pirates money, then the hijackings will continue.
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I'd do what I had to do to get the captain back. After that the Navy can do as they see fit.

Snap! I just had a fabulous idea. SOP for the pirates is to launch from a larger vessel to close in and board a cargo ship. I'm thinking bigger picture here. Negotiate the release of the captain. While this is going on there has to a way to get a tracking device attached to the boat the pirates took. After the captain is released, give the pirates fuel and then follow then back the "mother ship". Once they locate it, they should be able to follow. Bag one of the big fish in the process.
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The pirates are upping the ante. The captain tried to escape and was recaptured. The pirates said they would kill him if a rescue was attempted. Discretion is the better oart of valor. As skilled as SEALs are, conditions for a rescue have to be very poor. The pirates are also rushing reinforcements to the scene.
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I can't believe that navy ship wasn't watching close enough and missed that opportunity.
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I heard the pirates want two million dollars ransom money for the Captain.
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A couple of reports I heard this morning say that our warships have successfully blocked the pirate reinforcements from getting to the lifeboat. That's some good news. Keep them there and keep them isolated.
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