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Update on Glow the Persian!!!

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Well, after all the waiting and suspense, we finally have 4 beautiful, healthy kittens and one very tired mommy. I must have got the date wrong. For all you people with pregnant kitties, I know its hard to wait and the longer they are pregnant the more nervous you get. 99% of the time, the mom and kittens are OK. My persian Glow started having contractions 3 days before she went into active labor. I was starting to get very worried, and the vets werent helpful. I kept checking her temperature to make sure she wasnt toxic in case the babies might have been dead. She went into labor at 9pm and was done with all four at 11pm. I will post pics in a couple of days. She is doing great. Thank you to all for the helpful comments and words on encouragement!!!!
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I'm glad she's OK. Do you have a website?
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Congratulations. Pictures please
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This one is right before she went into hard labor. She was HUGE!!!

This is Glow with kittens ...

Also, I do not have a website. I am not a breeder. All these kittens are staying in our family.
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Congrats on the kittens.
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Awww! They're adorable! Congats!Poor Mama, she muct be exhausted
I love her name too!
Pet her a bit for me
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Is mom a white or a chinchilla silver? You have all colored kittens!
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Yup Mum is a chinchilla - I'm guessing the father was a dark or smoke cat.

Hopefully you get Mumma cat fixed after these babes are weaned
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Unless the babies are silvers? Are silvers born more blackish and then lighten up?
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Mom is a silver shaded and dad is actually a flame. Some of the females have orange spots on them and will probably get lighter when they are older. We have her daughter and my mom has her son from the last litter (she only had 3, and one poor baby didnt make it). The daughter Bella, was dark when she was born and is now a light gray tabby with patches of orange through her. Her brother, Zin, stayed a dark smokey tabby and has the extreme flat face. I will post pictures of Bella and her dad on here as well.
Glow is definitely getting spayed after the kittens are weaned. She did so well this time and we all got so lucky, I dont want to put her through that again and risk losing her.
And by the way, Bella is already spayed, so no chance of daddy impregnating her.
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This is Tiger, he's the daddy. This picture does him no justice. He is also quite upset because he got shaved down for the summer months.

This is Bella, Tiger and Glow's daughter from their previous litter. That litter was actually planned.

She was not happy that I caught her while she was cleaning herself
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The daddy looks just like a red to me and not a "flame".

We don't recognise that here in NZCF for Persians and for good reason I think the name is so twee.
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The mommy cat is just beyond beautiful!!

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Unless the babies are silvers? Are silvers born more blackish and then lighten up?
Usually yes if one of the parents is darker than the other. Shadeds can have lots of spots or stripes when they are born but they will clear out.
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