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Bad Kitty!!

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I caught Cheyanne eating off Ted's plate,he set on the floor!,So Ted is also bad!
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Nice plate!

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If it's on the floor, it's fair game! (at least that's the rule in my house LOL)
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Cheyanne probably thought Ted had finished eating and was leaving the rest for him.
I know that's how Snowball thinks!
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or maybe Cheyanne thought that he was finished
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At least Cheyanne had the decency to wait until he was done eating. I don't get that option.

(Okay, I was actually done... but Socks is just horribly misbehaved... lol.)

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Hey, Sockiesmom, your cat looks just like my Liberty Belle, except mine has bis side bulges and a dragging tummy, even in your picture the similarity is you can find her with her face in our plates. Anyway its our fault shes fat, she has been on a diet for 3 days, and amazingly not begging for more food! Every since she was 10 months old she has weighed 12lbs! At least she has weighed the same, as she will be 2 in Aug....but, no birthday cake for her. Linda
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Toes embarrassed me horribly once by taking a bite out of the opposite end of a piece a pizza a friend of mine was taking a bite of. He also stuck his head in her salad. Good thing she has a cat too.

The worst part is that he'd never done this to me so I wasn't even expecting it. After that he'd just beg and beg and beg and if it smelled really good practically sit on my plate while I'm trying to eat.

Took a bit to cure him of that.
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Fluff is always sits right by Steve and i while we eat...this cat will eat just about anything......not that I let her have every table food in the world, but one day I did catch her eatcing oatmeal out of one of the girls bowls the other day! Yes, Oatmeal!
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