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Advice needed

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i am new here, and need some advice, my vet hasn't been forthcoming with advice even when asked.

I noticed my cat was pregnant on the 11th of March, she was supposed to have been spayed before i got her, i never noticed her calling, just on the 11th of mark her nipples were pink, and her tummy larger than before.

The problem is i have no idea when she is due, and the vet has been vague with me, she has had clear discharge for the past few days and just seems to getting bigger and bigger.

any advice gratefully received.

picture of her ladyship (sorry for the bad cell phone pic)

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Sorry, my english is not so good (and understanding too))), can you explain more ?

The problem is i have no idea when she is due
Don't you know when she is going to give small kittens???
Or she had already done it?

The nipples are getting pink color on the 21st day after \tcoupling...
the whole pregnancy is about 58-65 days...

I think she is going to have kittens soon...
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She is getting close - big belly, enlarged nips, and she has already groomed away some of the hair so the babies can nurse. I'm no expert so I am not about to give you an est. due date.

But the vet sounds a little shady. Can you get a recommendation from friends or family for a different vet who might be a bit more helpful and forthcoming?
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Yeah, the nipples get pink in about 21 days of pregnancy. Question is if you saw the pink immediately... Very possible you saw them somewhat later...

Thus she get pregnant about roughly 18 february or some earlier.

63-65 days later... 9 weeks later. If I count correct it would be last days of april.

But possibly earlier if you didnt noticed the pink or so....

Are the kittens moving? Last days of the pregnancy the belly will get "lesser" as the birth is near.
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Originally Posted by StefanZ View Post
Are the kittens moving? Last days of the pregnancy the belly will get "lesser" as the birth is near.

When my cat was pregnant for the last time, she had just 2 kitten, one was very active and moved his legs, the other was "sleeply", we were afraid that he was dead. We went to the ultrasonic examination to get the truth, because there were 66 (or even 67) days of pregnancy and no displays of the catsbearing's beginning ....
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What is your cat's name? How long have you had her? Do you know when she might have gotten out to be around male cats? She does look pretty far along in her pregnancy, but that can be deceptive depending on how many kittens she has. My Goldy never looked that big even at the end, but she only had three kittens. Are you feeling any babies moving yet? You can usually feel/see movement about two weeks before she delivers. Sorry, I've got more questions than answers.
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i know that 2-kitten-belly is almost invisible from the sides....
I think the cat on the photo will have at least 4 or 5 )
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Hmmm, she looks pretty big, so she should have them any time now. If you can feel them moving, your sure to have them within 2 weeks. From your info on her pinking up, she's due right around now
Good luck!
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thanks for all your replies...

i will try and answer some of the questions...

her name is Myth and she is about 14 months old i have had her since she was 6 months, i was told she was spayed when she came to me, i never noticed her calling at all however on the 11th of march i went to scoop her up to take her to bed (she sleeps in my room) and noticed big nipples and her belly was fatter. For the few weeks before she had been ignoring me, i did wonder why, so i hadn't had many cuddles with her to notice, so that's why i am unsure on the dates for her...there was no calling just a big tummy and pinked up...

she has been getting progressively bigger, and mood swings...i never knew cats got them, one moment she is savaging my hand for going near her, the next she is demanding love and trying to kick my partner out of bed so she gets all the attention and purring like a maniac...

i have scheduled a vets appointment for her after Easter weekend with a new vet a smaller practice with a cat specialist, as the current vet seems to be more of a large animal vet with no time for cats and his scanning machine is broken :-(
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I like her name.

Some cats have silent heats, and it's also possible for a cat to get pregnant when she isn't in heat. Is she an outdoor cat or indoor/outdoor where she could have had contact with a male at any time?

The nipples start getting larger and darker at 21 days, but if she was already beginning to show on March 11 it's likely that she was 4-5 weeks pregnant at that time. That would make her due some time in the next week or two. Are you feeling any movement yet?

It's good that you're taking her to a different vet. Keep us posted, and don't forget the pictures.
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Ya, I too really like the name How did you get it?
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