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Daily Thread Wed April 8th!

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Morning folks!

I am having a great week! I get to see Josh tonight! And tomorrow is the Friday of the week because we get Friday off for Easter! I love long weekends

Ummmmmmmmmm, I am starting to get RSVP's back for our wedding, it makes me soooooo excited! 13 people are coming so far

Have a great day folks!
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I came in early to try and organize my thoughts and get a good start for the day. Hopefully I can get some simulations started before my 10 AM meeting. We have some sort of a safety inspection tomorrow, so most of my afternoon will probably be shot cleaning up our lab. I'll also be registering for a conference in Lithuania next month. That should be pretty interesting, but I'm going to be so busy this Summer between classes and writing my dissertation I wish I could put it off until next year. I'll be heading to the gym tonight after work and then home for dinner with the kitties.
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It is too early for me to decide my plans of the day....but I think I am just gonna take it easy today.Relax (if I can)...although I do have some cleaning to do!
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Well I'm hoping to get outside early afternoon for some yard clean-up. But its only 30F with a upper 20's windchill now so its too cold currently.
One of the local dairies must be pumping out their manure pit as the big tractors hauling the manure tankers are going up and down the road. Its a sign of spring all right.

Which is ok as I have so send out a bunch of press release info for a garden association meeting this morning.

Have been letting Buddy in for a few minutes off and on throughout the day. With him not neutered its a brief time frame. He likes the basement for some reason.
He is a bit timid around the other cats which is funny in relation to his size as he is bigger than Bobber and just about the same size as Bakker already.

That's about all going on today.

Have a good day!
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I'm going out looking for furniture today since I will be moving at the end of this month. Then after shopping around my sister and I will go for lunch. It sure doesn't feel like Spring today, chilly and breezy with sun going in and out. Enjoy your day everyone.
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Morning All!!

Windy and cold here today.

I am not to energetic today for some reason. I sleep alright but still feel like I could use some more.

Nothing to pressing to do today, just putter around the house, maybe vaccumn and wash the couch and chair covers.

Other then that just putter at the computer and watch some tv.

The kitties are chasing each other around the house right now wihich is quite amusing.

Everyone have a great day
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Today the weather was just beautiful! This morning it was in the 50's and got up to 79 in the early afternoon. Recess was great for the kids...we ended up staying out 20 more minutes! Our school had our Spring Fling Dance after school-which was alot of fun. I am now wore out.

This is the anniversary week of my father's death. He died April 10, 2007. He actually fell into the coma on April 8. It's been a hard day today, but it is more bittersweet than sorrowfulness (if that's even a word..). My grief support group really helped me get to this point. I thought about him a lot today, and I know my heart will always have that void (which is normal), but I truly just missed him today...and I can't wait to see him again one day
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