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My cat is in heat help

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My Vet wants $270 to get her spayed. Is this around the normal price?
Money is alittle tight, does anyone know where I can get this operation
alittle cheaper in Ontario? Can I maybe call the humane society?

This is the first time my cat has been in heat. So far its about 2 days.
Is there anything I can do for her, give ur a cold shower maybe lol

Can I get this operation done while she's in heat?

Is it a simple procedure. Does it make a difference if I try & find someone
who is well experienced with the procedure?

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I paid $80 for spay and $40 for neuter. I know my vet costs are a lot lower than some other places, but $270 sounds awfully high to me. I know some vets charge more to spay a cat who is in heat or pregnant because it's a more complicated procedure then. If you can stand the yowling for a week or so, you could schedule her surgery for later and ask if the cost would be less. You might also call around to different vets or clinics to see if you can get a better price.

Somebody from Canada can probably give you better information on where to find low-cost spay programs.
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That acutally cheaper than what I paid....I asked for pre op blood work and iv fluid ....and it was $380 ...here in Ontario...there maybe be a spay/neuter clinic in your area....that might be cheaper....However for myself...I've been on this site long enough to know at times cheaper isn't always better....You can call other vets sometimes their prices vary...but usually not by alot....and it does cost alittle more when they are in heat to be spay....Good Luck....and keep your doors and windows lock...j/k
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There are vets here that will spay for 15 dollars. you just have to get a coupon from them. I think they somehow get reimbursed.

Talk to other vet offices. There is usually low cost spay and neuter options to help curb the population
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Yes they can be spayed while in heat but usually it costs a little bit more because there is a lot more blood so it is important to have a good veterinarian do it.

The price however is a bit high... it's usually at least under $200 here with pre op blood work and all of that jazz. The even cheaper places are like $50. I would try the humane society and see if they have any low cost recommendations. We also do a thing here called a "Tom Cat Special" that a lot of veterinary clinics participate in for $10 neuters and $20 spays, maybe your area has a program like that.
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Please check out this link....http://www.spayneuter.ontariospca.ca/
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