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Harvey almost ate a screw!

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So I'm sitting here at the computer, studying for a test, and Harvey, as usual is at my feet. I saw/heard him chewing on something (happens a lot, ) and I go to see what he has. I open his mouth, see something or another in there, and pull out a SCREW from the back of his mouth. Why there was a screw on the floor I don't know. But that is a new record for him! He's tried to eat many an inappropriate thing (plastic pieces, random fuzz/dirt/etc, every food item imaginable), but why in the world a screw!? I know he's still a crazy kitten (6mo), but jeez! Anyway, no harm done, thank God. So what have your babies gotten into/ almost gotten into? Beat a screw,
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Boy, he sure is busy finding all sorts of treasure around to eat! I guess that makes him adventurous?

The dumbest thing Billy ever tried to eat was my ring. Now, that ring had been missing for months before I adopted him. I was and am very grateful that he found it for me.. but even more grateful that he didn't get to swallow it! It would've been the most expensive "present" ever left in a litter box!
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someone [i'm pretty sure it was Cable] tried to eat a cat toy - i found the 'innards' upchucked.
mine have batted weird things around that they found, but no one's tried to eat any of them.
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Yikes, was Harvey trying to dismantle your computer?
Naw, Maggie doesn't get into much other than play soccer with the dog food or carry a toy or 2 all around the house.
The dog is another story
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