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Walking two cats, 4 times the fun

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I took both cats outside this afternoon, for the first time. Sam is a pro, he has a regular routine he follows and I can even let go of the leash from time to time and know where he will be. Bailey has been very nervous about going outside, she will only lie in the doorway with one foot on the front porch. But she stands looking out the door meowing at us while we are out.

So today I put them both on leashes and waited to see what would happen.

Sam did his usual, ate grass in the front bed, rolled in the catnip patch, lay under the cedar tree, walked down the sidewalk to the big overgrown grass patch and snacked, walked through the periwinkle bed, peed in the garden, then meandered back to the front and up the front steps.

He ignored Bailey; she ran all over the place, was intrigued by everything she saw, and when she started looking scared, I would pick her up, which seemed to calm her down.

It was fun, both cats are exhausted now. Bailey had a complete wash when she got back inside.

Now, if I had arms that could extend 25 or 30 feet in either direction, I could walk two cats at a time with no problem!
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When I used to walk Toes I had one of those leashes that could either extend out a number of feet or could lock in at 3 feets or less. I found that leash to be the best. I only use the fixed length leashes when I take the kids to the vet.

They're usually in the dog section.
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I have one of those extendible leashes, its wonderful because it lets Sam run far enough away when he is startled that he does not panic. And I can keep him on a short leash when I want to keep him out of trouble, or off the neighbours porch.

I only have one, however, and waited until I found out if Bailey would like being outside before I bought another.

That still does not solve the issue of two cats wanting to go in completely opposite directions.
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Especially when you're trying to take them to the vet! LOL I always put Tailer in her carrier bag and carried Toes because Tailer is a little scaredy cat and it makes her feel more secure. But for just taking them for a walk, I don't know.
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Last year when I took the cats outside, I had to have Darrell help me because they would go in opposite directions and pull me apart! So with the two of us with a cat each it works better. Then they both get a shower afterwards. I need Darrell's help for that too! LOL
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