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Unexpected reaction

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We have been taking the introduction of our new kitten, (Gizmo), to our present cat, (Neely), and dog slowly. Not surprisingly the dog has done better. What perplexes me is that Neely is ordinarily a spunky, feisty and very self-assured female cat. She keeps her distance from the kitten but, of course, does not take her eyes off him. When she does approach him she hisses twice and then runs away. She watches him from a distance, gradually approaches again, hisses twice again and runs away again. This is not the reaction we would have expected but maybe we don't quite understand what it means. Any thoughts?
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Actually sounds pretty normal..... I would definitely keep a close eye on them for a while, but sounds like Neely is simply testing Gizmo and presenting her boundaries and he is respecting them.
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I agree with cheylink about presenting cat's boundaries. She shows that she is chief!

I think your situation is rather normal.

I faced this situation many times (my experience) .
when the elder cat hisses, the younger one is scared,runs away...and hides... we keep eyes on them, 2 days later - the relations become closer, we don't worry about their "war".

Wish everything turned better soon!
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I think it is healthy also. One day you will find them chasing after each other in playfulness and won't be able to believe your eyes! But for now Neely has to show the little one who is the big boss!
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