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Dealing with allergies

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I am sure there are members here who are allergic to cats but have them anyways.

Right now, I have to take a large dose of Benadryl daily for an unrelated issue. That is masking any potential allergic reactions from the cats.

I will be coming off of the benadryl soon. I am allergic to cats (pet dander).

What do you take to deal with cat allergies?
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I am slightly allergic to them so I just make sure to wash my hands and not to touch my face after I've petted them. And I will also take a walmart brand allergy relief if its a bad day.
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My fiance takes zyrtec, plus we have an air purifier in the bedroom that we vaccuum often (Cammy is allowed in there) and we're getting one for the living area too. He says the zyrtec works pretty well.
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for my allergies [i have a bunch, not just cats] i take a zyrtec every morning & a claritin every evening.
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I have a bunch other than the cats as well and I take benedryl - it's the only one I've found works for me. I also got a vaccuum with a hepa filter and that really helped.
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*I take loratidine (claritin generic)
*No kitty allowed in the bedroom
*I vaccum weekly, at least
*I cover the couch in blankets, which get washed weekly
*Squeaky gets a bath every few weeks and is furminated every few days
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