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Water Bottle okay to make cats....

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stop fighting all of the time?? A friend of mine told me to get a water bottle and spray my babies when they get in a fight. Is this cruel? I don't want to do anything to hurt my boys but, their fighting is getting real serious lately.

Love my kitties
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It does not work for everyone, some folks even say it is not a good idea. It works great for me. I don't even have to squirt my cats any more, all I have to do is shake the bottle, and they usually stop whatever they are doing.
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I use a water bottle to stop my cats from doing stuff I don't want them doing (i.e. jumping on the kitchen counter, trying to run outside). I try to spray them on the booty or on the feet. Whatever they are doing comes to a imediate halt. Try not to let them see you actually holding the bottle either. It's the element of surprise that makes them stop but if they learn that it only happens when you hold the spray bottle then they will only do it when you're not around.
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If it's serious fighting, I would forget using the spray bottle. I would separate the two cats into separate rooms of the house.

Serious fighting is when fur starts to fly, (literally), hissing, growling, really loud meows that's really penetrating and someone or all involved ends up being hurt.

Not-so-serious fighting has hissing and growling, batting and it's similiar to the above but the difference is that no one gets hurt and fur does not fly.

Since they are your cats, only you will be able to tell when it's getting dangerous and that's when you should separate them. And then let them be with each other after they have both calmed down and start playing with each other under the gap of the door.
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Are your kitties fixed? It could be that they smell a female in heat and it is causing them to attack each other. Fixing them could solve the problem.
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Instead of spraying them, spray ahead of them, or across the room to divert their attention. Spraying them directly sometimes makes for worse problems then you are trying to correct.

if they are not neutered, getting them fixed will help. So will the comfort zone plug in by Feliway-
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Both of my cats are neutered. This has just started since I had my tabby fixed a couple of months ago. He(Oscar the tabby) has been acting kind of nuts since his surgery.

There was a problem when the vet did his surgery. It was suppossed to be a simple neuter but instead he had to go through his stomache to remove the testicles since one of them had not dropped in the sack.

Ever since I brought him back home and get him well he has been jumping on Sammycat(the Manx) who is 2 years old. Sammycat doesn't play a lot so he gets really angry and has hurt Oscar.


Love my kitties
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Perhaps there is residual pain from the surgery. This could make your kitty aggressive. Bring him back to the vet for a checkup.
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