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Throwing Up All Night - Antibiotics?

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Please send vibes for my big boy Thor! Last night he started throwing up all of a sudden. I figured he just ate too fast (he's a big guy and he likes to eat) and didn't think much of it, but he was up all night vomiting whatever was on his stomach.

Needless to say at the crack of dawn we took him to the vet who gave him a shot to settle his tummy and some shot to help with inflammation because he had a fever (we were there just a week ago because he felt really warm - he was taking antibiotics and doing great until last night).

When we took him home today the vet suggested we give him a little bit of dry food and see how he handles it. He vomited up white liquid so we rushed him back and they've got him on fluids now and keeping him overnight (so far they say he's kept down what little bit they've fed him which is great!)

Thor is kept inside all the time and I'm extremely careful about not leaving anything lay on the floor that he could get into. Other than his vomiting/heaving episodes he seems perfectly fine - not lethargic or anything. Would the antibiotics cause a cat to suddenly be sick like that? Is there anything else I can give him when he comes home tomorrow to help make things easier on him?

Thanks so much!
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What antibiotic is he on?
My Coco gets very sick on clavamox and cefa.
She will throw p so much and its in her file never to use those.
She was ok at first also.
I hope your cat feels better.

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thats great news that he hasn't lost his appetite. Fluids will help him out BIGTIME!! So that's great that he is on them. The antibiotoics could be making him stomach sick, the vet might be able to give you anti-nausea pills to couple with the antibiotics to help him keep his food down, especially as long as he's still eating. If he keeps it up he might need bloodwork!

Lots of healing vibes
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Definitely anti-nausea meds!
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Poor kitty!!
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Thanks for the love guys!

Thor wasn't sick at the vet's, I guess being on the fluids gave his stomach some time to heal so he could eat again because he really has his appetite back.

Oddly enough, the vet said to keep him on the antibiotics, but a couple of days after we brought him home, the antibiotic dropper bottle suddenly looked "full" (it was almost empty before) and the product started to separate in it even after you shook it up. I thought it might be too old or something strange and I didn't feel comfortable giving it to him since it looked all frothy. It would've been his last day on it anyway and I wouldn't want him to be sick all over again!

So he's back to his happy full-bellied self! I really appreciate all the vibes
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