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My new kitten "Zeke"

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Here are some pictures of my new little guy Zeke. I just got him Saturday through a rescue group. He's about 6 or 7 months old and was found hanging around a restaurant and begging for scraps. He's a very friendly little boy! He's quite thin, but has been eating a lot since he got home. I'm going to be introducing him to Toby in a few days

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Zeke is adorable, and he looks right at home. Good on you for taking him in. Keep us updated on how he's doing and what happens when he meets Toby.
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His markings remind me very much of my cat alfie
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Well well, someone looks ecstatic to have you & their new furrever home! His name really fits his cuteness. Good luck with the introductions.. it'll be fun to hear how everything goes!

(.. and that crochet blanket he is lying on is really cute too! )
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What a sweetheart!!!!! Zeke is a virtual twin to my orange boy Moose.
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zomgosh, he looks perfect for cuddling
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Looks like he realizes he hit the kitty jackpot.
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Awww... what a cute little guy! And lucky to have found you!
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Aww, he's a cutie He looks so happy! I love the name Zeke
for saving Zeke!
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Zeke is just too precious for those red kitties!
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