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poor cali!!!

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I feel so bad! I took cali to my vets to be shaved because she was hacking up furballs everywhere and he was kinda worried about how pregnant she was but decided to give it a go. Well it was gonna take two hours, and I was doing some shopping in the mean time about 20 minutes later I got a call from my vet saying that cali was freaking out and she might lose the babies because of the stress and he wasn't going to finish cutting her, well I get to the vets office and he brings cali out to me and she looks so horrible! only a picture can describe how bad it is, she looks so embarrased I can't help but to laugh!

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I have to admit I laughed when I saw the pictures but then I ended it by saying "poor little momma" with a chuckle..... Well atleast she will be cooler on the lower half of her body.
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Awww...poor Cali. She does not look impressed.
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Im also getting the silent treatment from her, and when i was trying to take a picture she wouldn't look at the camera. she is SO mad at me lol, everytime I see her I crack up.
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They do get embarrassed dont they Titan hid for days after he was shaved. Someday she will thank you!
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Am I missing something or did she have her babies yet? I thought she was the one who had 12 babies in there???

I think I have officially lost my mind.
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Originally Posted by calismom View Post
Im also getting the silent treatment from her, and when i was trying to take a picture she wouldn't look at the camera. she is SO mad at me lol, everytime I see her I crack up.
When I saw the first pic, I immediately noticed the shoulders, as in - you were getting the cold shoulder
Give Cali some pets for me - my hair cuts are almost always disastrous,too
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ok, I admit I laughed a little- oh well, you don't want that mixed with the soon-to-be morning sickness...she'll thank you later
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yes the vet did see 12 babies but now that shes shaved she doesn't look it.the vet also mentioned it after he shaved her, he said she might have reabsorbed some of her babies, ive never heard of that happening. I don't know mabey he was wrong on the counting, she was really squirming during the ultrasound, or shes just not really showing, she actually doesn't look pregnant at all but she is only a month pregnant (she got pregnant march 10) but her nipples are big and pink. and the vet did check her and say she was still pregnant he can feel some in her hes just not sure how many are left in there. or it appears she just had alot more fur then we thought. im just gonna wait until she gives birth then ill know for sure how many babies are in there!
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cali, ok good, I didn't miss out on anything LOL. It is a good bet to wait until she delivers to count how many she has I know you've got another 5 weeks of growing, so you must keep us posted with pics. With no hair, you'll be able to see them move more easily too
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this is a picture of her nips this looks like a mommas nips right?
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Poor widdle Cali! Yep, she doesn't look too thrilled with you! Hope she doesn't stay mad at you for long. Isn't it amazing how much smaller they are without that fur coat?
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Yup, she looks perfect!
Since she is only a few weeks along, and she's already showing, I'm not surprised she has such a big litter, but 12 does seem like alot. As for "absorbing" them, I think that can only happen in the first 3 weeks or so, but I'm not positive.
How far along is she again?
Good luck!
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shes 28 days along. shes got about 37-42 days left to go.
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Well, her boobies look like she is definitely preggo! Oh how much fun that will be!!! I love babies!!
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