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Daily Thread Tues April 7th

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Welp, another chilly and rainy/snowy day. I can't wait for Spring to arrive!! I mean the weather..its not feeling Springy lately.

Josh is in exams now and he is graduating so they are very important. I am not even going to see him tonight..boooooo!

Anyhoo, I suppose I will go to the gym after work then..Its slipper day at work today, we get to wear slippers! I only have giant taz slippers so his should be funny!
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Taz slippers!

It's 10.45PM Tuesday here for me and I'm just about to wrap up my study and hit the hay. I've been working on a Tourism essay all night and it's going great.

I've classes tomorrow morning starting at 10AM so it will be an early start for me.

Have a nice Tuesday folks!
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Its a cold blustery "spring" (I use that word loosely) day. With the windchill the temps is around 20F!

Cleaning up for work shortly. Have to vote in spring primaries too. Not too much exciting stuff going on.

Bakker has been bonding with Buddy/Bubb in the garage. Its been going well with them. The girls will be another story though.
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Morning All!!!

Cold and snowy here again today, all I have to say is to it all, enough is enough.

My right shoulder is really stiff and achy today, so much so I can hardly lift my arm. No doubt a side effect of the lousy weather and extremely annoying.

Have to go to the drugstore today to pick up a prescription and drop some books off a the libary.

Still have plenty of soup left-over from what I made yesterday so am going to take some over to my Aunt, she is sick with a really nasty cold so hopefully that will make her feel a bit better.

The kitties are all sleeping, they were looking out the window for a bit but decided that it wasn't to their liking either.

Everyone have a great day
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its complete crap today! Sunday it was 74 and I was wearing flipflops and went for a ride on the harley with dad and was very fine in a tshirt and jeans... today I wake up and there is an inch of snow and ice and all sorts of crap. And a white out on the interstate on the way to work. Seriously what the heck?!

Anyways, kitties are hyper tonight... dont know what their problem is but Kahlua and Google are chasing each other all around the house. Joey is guarding a heat vent. And Keiko is freaked out because her mom is gone.
My roomie is in NYC until Friday and I have to admit its nice to have the house to myself!

Unfortunately I have a migraine so I'm just chilling on the couch watching some House.
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You all are going to hate me!! Its been beautiful, well except it is raining now, but we have had sunshine and warm weather for weeks now. And I just got back from a weekend in Santa Barbara for spring break I would love to move there supposedly it is in the 70s most of the time, even during winter!! Although the kitties are kinda ignoring me since i got back
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