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OMG What A Hack THAT Was!!

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Ok this happened the other week and I totally forgot to tell you guys about me saving someone's life!

To cut a reeeally long story short, I was on a hack with some silly woman who thinks she knows absolutely EVERYTHING about horses. And she doesn't. She was on Dan, a timid bay, and I was on Boy, a tiny little grey pony.

Well we were going through this gate, and Dan spooked. Her stirrup leather came flying off and she just managed to stay on. She quickly got off, re-attached her stirrup leather and SMACKED Dan on the bum with her whip. Now whenever anybody rides Dan, you NEVER use a whip on him. He was beaten with one by his past owner, and we only carry one so he knows it is there so he is forward going.

So, Dan being Dan, as soon as she got back on, he bolted off, up this huge about 30 acre field, with me and Boy following behind.

Next thing I know, this woman is flying off the saddle and is lying on the floor unconcious! Bearing in mind that I am going at around 20mph so I couldn't abandon ship.

So I gallop up to the yard and yell for help, and eventually the ambulance (AIR ambulance that is) arrives.

She didn't do herself any damage in the end luckily, but if I hadn't been there to get help...

Sorry this is a bit long
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That's not long and oh my, wow.. that's more eventful than any hacks I want to go on. Wow.

I'm glad it went ok though but sheesh, I can't understand how anyone would smack a horse that has just bolted, what then a horse that's got a bad history with whips.

Horses *sigh* I had to stop taking lessons late last month because I can't afford it right now. I'd gotten hang of English riding mostly though although my main horse love will always be the icelandic horses/ponies.
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Did this woman know about Dan's history with whips? Poor Dan must have had a scare thinking he had gone back in time where he would be abused all over again. Not much sympathy for the woman though, sorry.
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
Not much sympathy for the woman though, sorry.
My words exactly!

I mean obviously I wouldn't have wanted something more serious to happen, but if you ask me she got what was coming to her! (A knock to her snobby pride!)

And as for Dan, I think he got over it pretty quick. He just went straight to the nearest food

Siggav, can't you help out at any stables nearby? That's such a shame you can't ride
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Nope, I don't have the time. Hopefully things will be sorted out in a month or two *knocks on wood*
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