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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post
Mine is the last name of my favorite baseball team's manager. I guess I am the weirdest person here using that name. I just wanted something different It has nothing at all to do with my real name.
Wow, that's a huge basket of eggs!

Mines irony...Mostly because I believe that I'm no plain-Jane, I'm a great person...Hesitated to explain it because it makes me sound exceedingly vain, lol.
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I always & furr-ever will be a white cat lover.
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Normally I use Chris or ChristinaM because thats my name....but I couldn't get any of the ones I use on other boards and I need to keep them the same so I'll remember them.

I use Snake_Lady on a couple forums, and it stands out, plus it is a nickname I have in real life.....and of course, its becuz I keep and breed snakes
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An honorary Buckeye; an OSU football fan back to the days of Art Schlichter (wow, dating myself a bit!). I feel I paid my dues through the 90's with plenty of humiliating losses - and the subsequent ribbing that goes with it - to that team up north ( my east)

Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
mine is my name, Katie, plus my made-up middle name (I don't have one) plus my birthdate! it was safer to go with my name than one of my cats'

Keycube, are you really a Buckeye? What's it like living in MI?
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We have a kitty named Sneaky Pie, and I'm her mom.

Though as I've said before, a more appropriate name would be Pewter. If you've ever read Rita Mae Brown's books- Pewter is- fat. And that's what Sneaky is

Of course, I could always say that I have teenagers and I need to be a sneakymom to find out what they're doing But my kids have NEVER given me any cause to go sneaking around their rooms

On a more serious note- we've also got a kitty named Mistoflees. And I'm not so sure about him. He's 17, and I have a real funny feeling that we're going to lose him to the rainbow bridge soon He hasn't been acting himself for a couple of days.

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Mine is my nickname - Dee Dee, and the month I was born in

Nice and simple!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
´Cause I´m ............
Truer words were never spoken, O Cool One...
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And mine is my real first name (Carol), plus Petunia, one of my father's nicknames for me. I used to worry that he was thinking of Porky Pig's girlfriend, but then I realized he probably came up with it because his mother's (real) name was Pansy.
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Mine's so simple---my first name and the most exciing year my life. I graduated high school, met the love of my life, and married him 4 months later---all in '74.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Truer words were never spoken, O Cool One...
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My favorite cat colors are tabby and calico and I'm a girl
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I'm a jail nurse and I don't exactly know where the angel came from. It's not very original; I was just anxious and excited to meet other cat people, so I chose quickly. Wildspecks is my eBay name. In retrospect, I wish I would have used that here, too.
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Because I am a bit of a mythology buff, my username originates from two sources in Celtic Mythology the god of logic and wisdom is Tier-re in Norse mythology it's Tyre. Both have some really cool myths attributed to them So that is where my name comes from. Since it is the only username I use and -most sites require a numerical contribution I just tacked on the 0
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