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Cat's Sense of Time

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New user here who recently became owned by a beautiful all black 7 month old kitten. Found her outside under the steps of my apartment,cold, wet, hungry and tired, the week of Easter, named her Lily, and decided she really needed a good home. Did all the right stuff-took her to vet, looked her over, got her shots and a clean bill of health. Her spaying appointment is next week. I have a question and I searched the forums but was not able to find any answers. How does a cat's sense of time compare to say a human-is leaving them alone for say 8 hours equivalent to 2 hours etc. I do leave her alone during the day and was just wondering. If this is not the right forum, feel free to move where applicable. I will post a picture of her soon.
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Welcome to the site! Most cats seem to sleep away most of the day and only care if you are late with the food and fresh water! LOL Believe me they will find all kinds of things to do when you aren't home. Just make sure there are no cords she can get tangled in like the blinds or curtains and electrical cords she could chew. Give tons of play time right before bed time then feed the kitty and this will reduce the "midnight maddness" that many kitties display!
Keep us posted as to haw the kitty is doing and we look forward to your photos!
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