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Pawing at LCD tv

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Ok, I admit, I have taken a little vacation from visiting here normally, but Sox, my tabby is constantly apwing at my new LCD tv that I received as a gift for my birthday. Anyone else have issues with LCDs? I just can't keep him away from it whenever its on!
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Yep, thats us as well! As I type my cat Jasmine is watching some mouse commercial and every once in awhile she will paw at the tv.
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I use two large TV sized LCD monitors on one of my work computers. Lilly used to go wild trying to scratch at the what was happening on the screen.

I ended up buying her a small goldfish bowl and kept it stocked with feeder goldfish. I placed this on a desk away from my monitors. She found it MUCH more interesting than than what was moving on the screens. 50 cent goldfish are much cheaper than ruining thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The fish would occasionally "disappear" (Lilly, of course, claimed no knowledge about what happened) but it was easy to get a few more and pop them into the bowl.

When we moved to a different State and I never got another bowl of fish for her, but she's not gone back to her old bad habit of going after the LCD's.
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Toby has pawed at the tv when he saw a Friskies commercial with a tabby running across a field.
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My kitties will paw but not with their claws. If he ever does use his claws and the deterrents aren't working, there are plenty of LCD screen protectors out there. While some can be pretty spendy depending on the size ($100->), it's much cheaper than damage they could cause or the cost of replacing it.
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