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Welcome back Ghys!!!! It's nice to "see" you around here again. 'm sure you'll catch up in no time!
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Nice to see you here!! I am not new here as it may show on my post counts, but I am Rock&Fluff'smom..had to change my name..long story, but I will try to catch from not being on here over the weekend....
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Hey girl! It is about time - I have really missed you! Let me warn you that if you disappear again I am coming to your house and I will have a "stern talking to" young lady!. Hey are you going to be in T.O. anytime this summer. I still want to have you and Kass over for a BBQ. Let me know of any dates you will be in town and maybe we can arrange something!
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Hiya guys!

*wonders what week to pick to disappear....prepares guest room for Ady* Missed you too!!!

BBQ sounds great. No plans for heading out that way till September but if you guys pick a date, I can probably arrange something!!!
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