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Hello Everyone!!!!

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Well.... it has been quite some time and I have decided to sneak back in and make up for lost time and certainly get to know all the new members... (Wow....quite the crew here now!!! This may take me a little bit of time)

I certainly have missed all my old friends here! ((((hugs to all))) And look forward to catching up with all of you.

To all the new members: Hello!!!!! (and beware.... I tend to talk alot! ask everyone here )

Have a great day everyone! Nice to be here.......
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Wooooohooooooo!!!!!!! Ghys!!!!!!!!!!
It's good to have you with us again!!!!!!
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welcome back!!!! Missed you!
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Yay Ghys!

I too, thought would slowly make it back here, I have been sooooooooo busy with everything since I moved. I love living where I am - it keeps me busy all the time.

Love you all guys!

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Welcome back, Ghys!
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Hi Ghys~

Nice to see you here.
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awww..... thanks guys
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Its about time!
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OMG!!! Cindy...I just saw your title!! Are you a grandma??? And where is the thread???? Oh gosh... I have missed so much!

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I remember your name from when I first join, but then you suddenly disapeared!!! Great to have you back...

Welcome back!
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Hey Canadian chikk!!!!!!!!!!! Start gabbing!

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YAY!!! Ghys is back, happy dance!! (can you hear me singing???)

Psst, do a search for "Sam Mark babies" then see "They're Here" and "Baby Pictures" to see the little joys of Cindy's life.
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Welcome home, Ghys and Kellye! I'm so glad to see more of both of you! Don't get lost again! I had the search cats out looking for you!
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So glad you decided to join us again!
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hey, g!
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OMG!!! *sniff* you guys are all soooo sweet! Thank you for the welcome!
(((hugs to all)))

Oh Jan.... no! Please....no frogs here!!!! *faints*
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Welcome back!!

What a lovely name -- Ghyslaine. Please tell us more about your name.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
OMG!!! Cindy...I just saw your title!! Are you a grandma??? And where is the thread???? Oh gosh... I have missed so much!

Yeah, Ghys. Mark and Sam had twin girls, Feliza and Isabel, on April 26. Everyone is fine. I'll see if I can find the threads.

Found the most recent:

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Hey Ghys, don't you like frogs??????????

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Then don't ever come to where I work, or even where I worked the past couple of years. Frogs are abundant in software companies, to catch the "bugs", get it?

Welcome back!
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Welcome back Ghys! It'll be good to hear from you on a regular basis again.
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Glad you're back! I was wondering where you went.
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Ericka, you deserve a good looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAN for that!
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Hi Ghys!!! Welcome! We've missed ya!

Gosh Darn it!!! FINALLY!!!!!

Let's Celebrate!

I'm not around as much as I was, but I try to check in as much as possible - Ghys - I probaby have carpal tunnel syndrome!!! (We'll know for sure Friday the 6th). I can only work with my right hand now!!! (Thank GOD I'm right-handed!)

....and we brought TUXEDO home!!!! Gary's so thrilled with his little boy!!!!!

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LOL Lorie!!!
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Shirley..my name is actually a very french name. I've never been fond of it but it kinda follows me everywhere! After 36 yrs, I'm finally getting used to it.

Thanks for the link Cindy....I'm getting the boys settled down for the night and will check it out. Can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Lorie!! Funny...heheheeee Well, long story short, I think frogs have more of an interest in me than I really want them to have. They are always popping out of the strangest places around my house and of course, right at the moment I happen to either bend down to weed the flower bed or tie my shoe...etc... Almost had heart failure a few times. Plus..... there have been a few times when I have come home to find millions (ok, maybe 12 to 15) of these tiny little frogs all over my front door. I have to open the door and hop in as quick as possible and pray I don't wake up with one lying in bed beside me...
And last but not least... if I am on the road on a rainy night. I end up playing frogger all the way home. There are gazillions of them out here. I try my best to avoid them but....mission impossible at times. So...that more or less sums up my frog story. I'll post pics the first time I get an invasion.... you'll understand.

Ericka!!! Too funny!!!

Jenn, Brenda.. nice to 'see' you guys again!

Laurie...*ow* you poor thing! Carpel Tunnel.... hope you get it all fixed and better!!! Missed ya!!! ((hugs))

Good to be back.........
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Welcome back Ghys.
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I am so glad you are back! I had been worrying and wondering why and where you had left
Welcome Back!!!!!!

And since you are not so fond of them, could you PLEEEAAAASSSE send me some frogs! Unfortuately we don´t have frogs in Iceland, except for those dull small water frogs you buy in pet shops
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Hi Sandra..thanks for the welcome!

Pollyanna, good to see you again. Ok....so how many frogs would you like??? *wonders how to capture them without getting close* And...FedEx delivery??? Would that be ok?

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FedEx would be fine! And it must be included in their service to catch the frogs as well...

I am one of those strange persons that when other people run away, and run and try to catch frogs and lizzards and such...To bad those things dont live here
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