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My Nasir... love him!

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I am sure you don't really care to see another picture of Nasir so soon, but I couldn't resist. He looks so cute, staring at me like "seriously..."

He is really coming around too! He sat on his pillow (which is a big step, he wasn't hiding under anything! yeah! ) and he let me pet him then......another mile stone.... he purred!!! My other cat like never purrs and I raised her from a baby! it made me feel like he will come around and learn to love me like I already love him!

you might notice here that the tip of his right ear was froze off. (he went form a horse barn to the rescue, then to me...poor guy!)

anyway! Thanks for looking!
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Now that's one handsome kitty! The first picture looks like he has a HUGE smile on his face! I don't blame him for having one either.. he's incredibly lucky to have you. I bet he knows it too!

Can't post too many pics of this guy, no siree!
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Nasir you are one handsome kitty!!
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I could look at pics of Nasir every day. In the first one, his face looks a lot like my Shadow's. He has come so far in such short time. You are doing a great job with this beautiful boy.

P.S. His eyes look so much calmer already!
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Handsome boy!!!

And yes I agree he already looks more calm. He will settle in in no time!
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glad to see he is settling!! We have a cat at home with the frostbite ears at well! Glad he is safe and warm now
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What a beautiful cat!

What has worked best for you, so far? We really ought to have an FAQ for new cat owners who have the problems you did.
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thanks for the comments!

Really I have just been leaving him alone and than petting him while he is somewhere comfortable. He still hasn't come up to me, but he is accepting me touching him and talking to him as long as he feels safe.

He is however, very scared of my dogs. I was holding Nasir and I bent down so my doberman could meet him and Nasir freaked out!! Started hissing and clawing me. I got the dog out of the room and he was still freaked out. Poor guy, I hope he gets used to the dogs eventually.

any tips?
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