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How would I duplicate this at home.

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While shopping at Whole Foods in Madison way back in February I found this water called metromint. It was great!! Went to their website and actually found it locally. But its $1.39 for a 1/2 liter bottle.

I really like the spearmint flavor. The ingredient label states water and mint.
I figure in about 5 weeks I can find a spearmint plant or two and let some leaves steep in water in my refrigerator.

But what could I use for the spearmint in the meantime. An essential oil or something of that nature? Any suggestions would be great!

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I drink a spearmint tea, and all that is listed on the box is: spearmint leaves.

I wonder if that would work? Steep a teabag in cold water perhaps?
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There are quite a few places on the internet with peppermint oil, probably in health/herbal stores too? Not sure how much you would add or how exactly to prepare.

Sounds pretty tasty though!
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If you steep the dried leaves in the water, you'll just end up with iced spearmint tea.
The process used in the water I imagine is the same one they use for liquor called infusing.

This might help you

and I do imagine that you can use spearmint oil until you can get fresh sprigs.
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