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Finding Nemo.

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Just watched it and I LOOOOOOVED IT! I can not tell you how many times that movie made me laugh. It was absolutely hilarious, and the animation is outstanding!

I'm definitely gonna buy that dvd.

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I have seen the shorts for it on the Disney channel - it looks great and I cant wait to see it! I am planning to get certified in scuba diving and anything to do with the ocean is a big deal for me!
Thanks for the recommendation Cassandra!
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I can't wait to go see it!
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i love love love cartoons, Cassie.. thanks for the recommendation.. i will definitely watch it over dvd (i have a tendency to sleep in movies )

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I saw it and thought it was really good too!

I laughed so hard at one point I cried, but then since I'm a bit hormonal (is that a word?) right now it turned to real crying for the second half of the movie! But it was still great and you should see it!
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Ha Ha Sunni. It IS a real word cause I use it as an excuse for my behavior all the time. Have to have SOME reason for my weirdness, right? :LOL3:

I will definitely go see Finding Nemo in the theatres! I can't wait.
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I am dying to see this! I am an animated movie fanatic. I have watched Beauty and the Beast at least 30 times. I also can't wait to see Sinbad with the voices of Brad Pitt, Catherine Zita Jones and Michelle Pheiffer.
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We plan on it this coming weekend...the kids want to see it bad!!
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