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I love the name Tomu too!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
The only one that doesn't have the "M" is the ticked.
But Aby's are ticked and they have the M
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Well it sorta looks like a M - but not really to me - not like the other tabbies.
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From the Aby standard:
There is an "M" on the head between the eyes and ears.
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From CFA's Aby Standard there is no mention about an M

Coat color: warm and glowing. Ticking: distinct and even, with
dark colored bands contrasting with lighter colored bands on the
hair shafts. Undercoat color clear and bright to the skin. Deeper
color shades desired, however intensity of ticking not to be sacrificed
for depth of color. Darker shading along spine allowed if fully
ticked. Preference given to cats UNMARKED on the undersides,
chest, and legs; tail without rings. Facial Markings: dark lines
extending from eyes and brows, cheekbone shading, dots and
shading on whisker pads are all desirable enhancements. Eyes
accentuated by fine dark line, encircled by light colored area. Eye
color: gold or green, the more richness and depth of color the better.
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It's in our CCC of A standard, not sure if the link will work
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Yaaargh! This color is killing me.. We took the kitten, Tomu, yesterday home with us! But his stripes have almost disappeared.. Yet he doesn't look like regular shaded to me as he still has patterns in his head and the stripes in his legs do a full circle (which is a fault in regular shadeds, atleast in Fifé). Also his ears look like tabbies ears, so does his tail, he also has spots under his belly (quite pale but they are there).
*edit* He seems to have a lot of ticked hairs.. Shadeds can have some of them too, but he has a lot. I can't wait to take him to be checked by a judge! (or who ever does the color checking in TICA-shows).
New pics. Opinions?

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I won't comment on the colour But he's gorgeous! We don't see many Folds here, and they are not allowed to be bred in some states.
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He's still a Shaded Tabby IMO. With the Ocicats, the ticking sometimes comes in so much that the spots on the surface will blend in and not be so noticable as adults. This usually happens in the dilute colors like blue, fawn, lavendar.

When you have a blue-silver or fawn-silver, the lighter background tends to help the spots show up.
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I showed my little girl Keeping Secrets last week and nobody queried her colour (Blue Silver Tabby) but she had a very distinct pattern when I saw her as oppose to your baby, which is still very light and tipped.
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