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My Favorite Kitten Age! And Any Name Suggestions?

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I finally have more foster kittens! Had a dry spell there, and I was going through serious withdrawals, but finally I have more!

Just brought home last night- a young momma and her three darling kittens. They are at my favorite age, about 3 weeks old. Bright blue kitten eyes wide open, just learning to wobble around and play, come running with their baby mows when I go in to see them... Oh yeah, I'm melted.

Don't have many pics yet, since they're still settling in, so just this one for now:

I need names for them! Usually I have a "group name", and then individual names... Any ideas?? I know you guys are usually really good at this!

Momma is a tortie, bigger, lighter colored tabby is a girl, black baby is a girl, smaller, darker tabby is a boy...

I was thinking national parks, but my husband says his work uses those!

I'm also thinking Japanese names for them... Kasan (mom), Kuro (black), Neko (cat), Chibi (small)...

Names I've used: "The X-Pack" (Ex strays), names after Pirates of the Carribbean: Jack, Sao Feng, Calypso, Tortuga, Davy Jones

"The Meow Men" names after cities in Nevada: Lovelock, Reno, Vegas, Sparks

"Bleach Babies" names after the anime "Bleach": Aizen, Karin, Rukia

Individual Kitties: Cronos, Sam

I'm open to any ideas you may have! Thanks! And don't worry, they don't need to be "make them easier to adopt" type names, when they go up for adoption they go to a different foster with different names!
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Wow, that momma looks just like my Ginger!!

I love baby "tickies" (as my skin daughter once called them when she was just a kitten.)
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Wow, that momma looks just like my Ginger!!
Ginger is a really cute name! How about that for one of them?
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Oh my goodness - those are three gorgeous little muffins and Momma is GORGEOUS!!!

What about spices? Of course, I can't think of 4 that would make good kitty names...Ginger for Momma, Cinnamon, Curry, Pepper? I'm sure there are better ones than those, though!
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Three to five weeks is my favorite kitten age! They're cuties!
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Wow, spices might be cute because Ginger is a pretty good name for the momma!

What about Rosemary for the light tabby girl, Licorice for the black girl, and perhaps Pepper for the darker tabby boy? Or other boy names might be Sage or Fennel or Basil and a girl could be Cinnamon or Paprika or Cayenne.

They are so adorable! I love kitten pictures!
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Sorry, no name suggestions....just had to see momma and the kittens!
Momma is gorgeous and the kittens are so precious!!!
Cuteness attack!
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Awwwww, I want them all! They are so cute!!

Ravyn/Raven for the black kitty
Dove for the girl tabby and Hawk for the boy tabby
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I have no name suggestions, but I have to chime in and say that mama cat and babies are all gorgeous. Of course, I am particularly smitten with the little black girl, but all three kittens are so dang cute. Actually, I think Stormy in onto something with the bird names. I have a black cat named Raven (boy), and it's a great name.
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Aw, thanks everyone!

They are very cute and sweet, and momma is starting to warm up to me. If anyone remembers, last mommy cat and kittens I had, mommy was TERRIBLE, so this is a really nice change of pace!

Love the name ideas, thank you very much! Though earlier today a group of friends decided they want the kittens named after them, so if we can agree to names, I will use them. But GREAT ideas that I will probably use for my next kittens, if you all don't mind.
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post

"Bleach Babies" names after the anime "Bleach": Aizen, Karin, Rukia
Where's Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Byakuya?

I would say maybe some Dragonball Z names, but I'm not sure how "Goku" would work for a kitten.

Maybe Reboot names. Enzo, Dot, Andrea, Hex (Hexadecimal), Matrix, etc. And the group name could be something like "System Furrs" or something like that.
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How about Tinker, Tila, and Toons......
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I like Ginger and the spice kittens...Pepper, Paprika and Sage?
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Well since you are into Jap anime, how about Naruto characters for your next batch of kittens? Naruto is an awesome anime by the way, I'd recommend it in favour of Bleach, which got really boring after the first arc or so.
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