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Cold weather and couples

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Yesterday morning I was out in shorts mowing my lawn for the first time this spring. This morning, it's snowing again.

So, while I'm getting the heater going again and getting the house warmed up, the tribe has paired off to share heat.

In the back we have Blondie Rumpleteaser and Mischief Mistoffolees cuddled up; in the front, Sassy Sarsaparilla and Hobo Skimbleshanks paired up; and underneath the covers, that lump is Peanut Butterum and Trace Tumblebrutus.

And just off to the left of view, Etcetera D'Calico is curled up on "the Queen's pillow".

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Awwwwwww Whenever i have any furniture deliveries, or workmen in, underneath the duvet is where you'll find my little lump Rosie
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Same weather here in Lexington, all the cats were playing in the yard yesterday, but not today

Great pic, love the lumps in the bed
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Oh, that is hilarious! It's a line-up!
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The luxurious blanket most certainly indicates that they are royalty! They are all so cute.. especially "the lumps"! Who sleeps on that side of the bed? Because it looks like they're getting a head start on warming it up!
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Thats a sweet pic lumps and all
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I love the Jellicle Tribe, Mike, lumps and all. This is such a sweet picture. Makes me smile.
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Aww...that's so sweet! My girls wouldn't cuddle with each other even if their lives depended on it.
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