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Please help, my cat just vomited a plastic string.

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I came home to find a hairball unlike any I've ever seen before! It was a long string of plastic. I knew instantly which of my three cats it came from, as only one of them constantly licks plastic stuff...but I didn't know he was now swallowing it! Can someone please tell me (a) why he does this, and (b) if it's dangerous? I don't even know where he got this plastic, as I've been careful to hide anything-plastic since I found out about his "addiction" fro fear he might choke to death or something. This cat means the world to me and I'm just really very worried. Thanks in advance...
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Can't tell you why but YES it is dangerous. If it's string like it could get wrapped up in his intestines when he ingests it which can cause serious problems. One big piece of advice... if you ever find a string hanging out his back side DO NOT pull on it. Get him to a vet ASAP!
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My cat is an eater of odd bits also. I found a WHOLE q-tip in his poo and he ate a whole 8 inch piece of wrapping ribbon that came out the bottom too. Needless to say i keep EVERYTHING he can eat out of his reach. Means I am inconvienances alot but is better than taking the chance he may need surgery to remove a blockage!!! or die!!!

My other cat LOVES plastic. So I have to be extra careful.
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My cat loves to eat random stuff as well - I discovered this early on in his life, and now I have cat-proofed the apartment so that anything he likes to eat is safely put away. He loves q-tips, digging in the trash, hair ties, etc. I am neurotic about making sure he doesn't have access to anything non-food-like that he might eat. He will even walk around like a little vacuum cleaner and eat random bits off the carpet! What a weirdo! But it can be very dangerous if they eat this stuff - especially long, stringy stuff, so please be careful!
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call your vet immediately and do not attempt to remove any thing dangling from any orifice of your cat.call your vet!
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Contact your vet or ER vet now....then, as soon as possible, 'baby-proof' your house. Try as hard as you can to make sure all trash, dental floss, etc., is in some sort of trash can that cannot be opened by the cats. If your cats can open cabinets, check the baby aisle at Walmart, etc., for locks.

Prayers all is well.
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