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2 females

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ive got a cat that had kittens other day and ive got this other female thats pregnant she keeps trying to get into the other litter and meows if u take them from her its like she wanting to nurse them too can someone tell me whats wrong or if its normal
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That's not unusual. She's curious and her hormones are probably a little off. Just watch them both - mommy #2 may accidently or deliberately hurt the kittens. Or she may help nurse them. Just watch. When mommy #2 has her babies, she should settle down.
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You need to keep them apart, at least until the other girl has her babies. She needs the colostrum milk for her bubs, so shouldn't feed the kittens from the first girl.
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well she was in labor she had her kittens at 2am this morning her first litter she had 3 of them
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This behaviour is not unusual, especielly if they are good friends.

At the best they are helping each other, the kittens having de facto two moms.

But sometimes wrong female is the dominating, and or takes over the litter...

So no need to panic, but you must keep an eye on them...
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Originally Posted by cord73 View Post
well she was in labor she had her kittens at 2am this morning her first litter she had 3 of them
Yay! Congrats! Thats probably why she wanted the other kittens!
Any more?
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ive got a question both mothers ive tried separating them so they can nurse there kittens but when i leave them alone both mothers put there kittens in the same place and mothers lay with them is this ok or no
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it is very cute both mothers and there litters laying together
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It would be best if the newest kittens get the colostrum from their own mother for the first couple of days. However, as long as all the babies are getting enough to eat, they should be fine together. If they're really bonded it could cause more stress (and possibly interrupt the feeding) if you try to separate them. Do you have any pictures?
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how do u add pics
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You'll need to upload pictures from your computer to something like (there are others, but this is the one I know). It's free to sign up. Once you have your pictures there, copy the line that under the image that says IMG code. Paste that code into your message here and your pictures should show up. I always do a Preview first to make sure I got it right.
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try this out

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Awwww! Thats soooo cute!
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