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Heart Murmur

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My cats had their annual vet visit yesterday - this is the first time they have been weighed as full grown kitties (they will be 2 in a couple weeks) and my boy Jared was a healthy 14 lbs and 9 oz and my girl Christie was a healthy 13 lbs. They are so big and cuddly Overall, the feedback on their health was good, but they detected a heart murmur (it was faint, grade 1) in Jared. Christie had a grade 1 murmur that was first detected when she was 4 months old, but it was not detected on this visit, even when the vet specifically looked for it. So that I am happy about that, but am concerned that Jared has one that was not previously detected. He WAS really freaked out on this visit to an extent that he never has been before (he was so frantic that he hit his face on the carrier and his poor nose was all bloody), so I wonder if maybe the murmur was always there, but the increased heart rate due to his anxietymade it detectable... anyway, the vet just recommended that we monitor it for now and see if the grade increases. I did a lot of internet reading on murmurs when it was detected in my other cat, so I might be writing this more to vent it out rather than to ask for info, but would welcome any experiences people have had with murmurs or words of encouragement. My cats are littermates, DLH's.
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Grade I murmur isn't bad at all. And like you said, could have been stress. Murmurs can come and go like that, especially the mild ones. You're on the right track though. Just keep it monitored and hopefully it will never cause any problems down the line!!
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My Kizzy has a gr.1 heart murmur too. My vet is not concerned and said that sometimes they do go away when they get older but if Kizzy's doesn't, it shouldn't be a problem.

On a different topic, my daughter had a minor heart murmur when she was born, it was gone by her 4yr old check up.
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My Meeko has a grade 2/3 heart murmur.
I found out she had a grade 2 when she almost died at 3 months old.
She will be 9 in June.
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We found out that my son's 8.5 y/o dog has a grade 1 heart murmer at her last vaccination visit.The vet said it was minor & nothing to worry about. Over the years she occasionally would breath heavily after exercise.
I hope your kitty lives a long & happy life without problems,.
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Thanks so much for the replies!
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