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I am glad the video is no longer there and hope this guy comes to justice with animal cruelty charges.
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I am in tears right now just from watching the news cast & I think the scariest part, in addition to that precious kitty getting mauled, is that my boyfriend wants a doberman, I always thought they were mean dogs & now after seeing that I would rather die than get a dog that's capable of doing such a terrible thing...
I own Dobermans. They are NOT all "bad" dogs. They live peacefully with my kitty and are good with kids. Don't judge the whole breed on this one horrible owner.
Here is their site:
Click on the Dobes and Cats album to see how they really can be.

All dogs over around 8 pounds are capable of killing and hurting a cat. I grew up with a Labrador Retriever that killed cats that came in the yard or on the fence. Many smaller terrier breeds were bred to hunt and kill animals.