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Cats who become someone else's pet?

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Anyone else been in a situation where a cat you brought into the household, (this example being a stray I found, named Jack and another named Bonnie), who ended up bonding to someone else in your house and therefore became their cat?

I've lived with a family friend on and off for some time now, and two of my rescues have become her cats, lol. I feel happy that they have a great home, but at the same time, I'm somewhat attached to them...I'll be moving to my own home in a few months, so I'll be sad to no longer see them on a daily basis.
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Dottie picked out Punkin at the shelter, but he's definitely my cat. I picked out both Sterling and Ella, and they are definitely her cats, especially Sterling. It IS funny who they bond with.
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I adopted a black kitten named Onyx about 5 years ago when I was still living at home and he bonded with my father. Dad had lost his heart-cat Puddin a few years before and swore he would never have another cat again, but then Onyx picked him anyway. Now they are best buddies and unseparable.
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Yearsss ago when I was temporarily living at home, I got Bitsy from a shelter and she immediately bonded with my dad who was strictly only a dog person. That changed after about a month of her constantly hugging and kissing on him. Later, I'd correct Bitsy for things like climbing the drapes and all he'd say is "aw, leave my baby alone!" He spoiled her rotten but I was so glad he loved her so much! I'd always catch him sitting with Bitsy in the mornings while he drank his coffee, petting and talking to her like a baby. She was definetly HIS cat but he would never admit it!
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Mom got herself a kitten just after she and Dad were married. It wasn't long before the kitten became Dad's cat and could be seen overseeing his projects at the tool bench or riding on his shoulders as he tended the yard.

Aristotle was Mom's Mother's Day present but he bonded to me.
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I have had Frankie since she was days old. She's now about 12 and is definately more fond of my husband. DH was hoping Wickett would be gis little buddy but he's a mama's boy!
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OMG, yes!

When i got Sabastian as a little kitten me and him had an amazing connection. Well about 4 yrs when i met BF, as soon as he started coming over my apartment their was an instant connection, and once i moved in with BF, that was it. Sabastian will follow him all over the house like a lost puppy dog, the 2nd i get up and start getting ready for work Bastian is up and all curled up next to his daddy...they have developed a connection like you wouldn't believe, its very cute.

So far, Princess and Nipper are still mammas girls
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No, but my husband has his own special name for the kitty.
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