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Are single cats more sickly?

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Growing up the two cats we had played all day and were in good health minus one respiratory incident I cant think of a time they were ill. Then I had Kelly a very vocal needy female orange cat that vomited more and more as she got older to the point she was only 6lbs at 13.Thousands in bills and no clear sign until she tilted her head, vomited white foamy stuff and passed on.
Now I have an orange and white kitten found as stray, started out very mellow and never cried. Now he cries quite often, vomits twice a week but has a great appetite and seems to me mimicking Kelly in some ways already. Like very very needy, whiny 90 percent of day where food, hanging out with me, tons of toys and play sessions with poled ones dont fix it a fair amount of the time. The vet as usual finds nothing, so I have to wonder if its psychological or something wrong with my apartment?
We have poor water so for years I been using Culligan bottled water so I cant see that. Paint chips come off from time to time on corners but my landlord states they are not the old lead ones. Natural Balance is top rated and he is big 10lb boy already at 9 months of age. Its very quiet with just me and I dont turn on tv that much, more a reader. Not much sunlight but there is the option to go under the drapes. I cant figure it out, maybe some cats are just like this, since I am around alot I see more? Am I doing something blatantly wrong causing possible depression this early?
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I can understand single cats having psychological issues, but health issues shouldn't be caused by loneliness.....

Any way you can get him a kitten friend? I hate to see kittens raised alone.
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I think it's the luck of the draw.

I had two cats and both of them had problems. Now I only have one cat who still has issues. The only issues we have had is Napolean has horrible food allergies. My other cat had a bladder stone.

I have never had a barfing cat... never had a hairball problem or anything. I think it's just that you get what you get. In both of my cats cases neither of them had good up bringing. Napolean was found in a garbage can with a sibling and was a bottle baby, my other cat came to the clinic I work at as a kitten with horrible upper respiritory infection so I blame their problem on not being with mom long enough and not being with a healthy mom long enough.

Your new cat might just be very vocal and very needy.
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Zane is an only cat and is, aside from his obesity, disgustingly healthy.
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I used to have a pair of cats that grew up together since kittens and one was always healthy, one was sickly. I think it just depends on the individual cat. Toby has been a single cat and he's extremely healthy.
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On an "average" basis, I would suspect a single cat would likely be healthier, just as adults who never go near children have fewer colds, flu, etc.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
On an "average" basis, I would suspect a single cat would likely be healthier, just as adults who never go near children have fewer colds, flu, etc.
I was thinking the same thing.
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