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Being clingy?

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Ricky Bobby has been very clingy this weekend. He usually isn't clingy at all. However this weekend he's practically been glued to my side. I slept in the living room friday night (DH was snoring SO bad, he had had a long week, so instead of fighting all night to get him to quiet down, I just slept on the couch ) That night RB slept on my pillow beside my head, he never does that. All day yesterday he was following me around and wanting attention. Earlier today I was getting some class work done on the computer and he jumped on my lap and curled up. He is not a lap cat, that was the first time he had even tried it! It only lasted about 3 minutes cuz he couldn't get comfortable, but I put a pillow and sheet on the floor beside me, he's been asleep there since. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy he's been wanting to cuddle, since he hardly ever does. But it's just so out of character for him. Is it because I changed the routine up and slept in the living room that one night? He's showing no sign of illness or anything. It's just weird, that's all. Could it be an indication of anything?
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Mine have gone through phases of clinginess. As long as everything else is ok (eat, poo, pee), I just go with the flow.

It could be that your change of habits is making Ricky Bobby trying to reassure you - or maybe he's starting to get really really comfortable at home.
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Sounds to me like you two bonded over your husband's snoring!! Will he lay with you when you're with or around your hubby?

Might just be a phase. Billy was VERY clingy as a baby. I was tripping over him so much that he might as well have been an anklet! Then he wouldn't cuddle with me at night for months.. until I woke up one day with him on my chest, staring at my face. Now he won't stop cuddling with me. Just a nut!
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They do seem to go through phases. For the last couple of weeks, Sterling has been crawling up in my lap while I'm at the computer. He used to do that all the time, then quit for a number of months.
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Zane gets into moods like that. I call it being 'Velcro Kitty.'
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Fiona does too. Normally she likes being independant and enjoys my company from afar. But then there are times when she sleeps next to me in bed and likes to make biscuits while laying on top if me and follows me around the house. I love those times.
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