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No problem Kathy! I knew you were having computer problems...but I knew you'd find this sooner or later! BTW, I'm getting old. I'm 26! I'm officially over 1/4 of a century old!
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Happy Birthday shell
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Today (even though a day late) my co-workers sang "Happy Birthday" to me in front of a ton of customers! It was cute though! Maurene said that she forgot to bake a cake last night, so a cupcake had to do. So there was this lonely cup cake with a candle in it! It really was sweet of them! Thank God they didn't want to get in the Birthday Spankings or anything in front of my customers!
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Originally posted by Shell
the Birthday Spankings
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Haven't ya heard of that? It's tradition to get a spanking for each year you've lived. OUCH! Twenty six spankings are a bit much, don't ya think?
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No, we don´t have that tradition!!!
Ouch!!! Doesn´t make you look as much forward to your birthday! (Well some people don´t anyway, but I always do, I´m such a little girl on the inside! )
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Actually most people don't do this. It's a thing you do when you're a little kid. Once you're older, it becomes a figure of speech. Thank God they don't do this when ya get older, my butt would be WAY too sore!
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Happy Birthday hop you had a great day
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