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Happy Birthday shell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday,happy birthday to you !!!!!!!!!!!!! How old are you ??????
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Happy happy birthday to You Shell
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Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!!

I wish you all the happiness in the world in the next year of new beginnings for you!!!
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Happy, Happy Birthday!! And many more!
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Happy Birthday Michelle!

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Happy Birthday Shell!!! Hope you have a great day!
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Happy Birthday Shell!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

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YAY! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Happy Returns of the day!

Make sure you have as much fun as you can! And then some more!
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Happy Birthday Shell!

Have a wonderful wonderful day! Hope you enjoy it!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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Awwwwww...Thanks Guys! What a great way to start my day! Not doing much today, just relaxing & enjoying the NASCAR race. Dale Jr better win today darnit..It's my B-day!

Thank you all again! You all are so sweet!

BTW Sherral, I'm 26 today. But I feel much older than that!
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Sherral, a big thanks to you for the card I got yesterday! That was such a surprise! Thank you so very much!
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Happy, happy birthday, Shell. Now don't spend the whole day in front of the computer. Get out there and treat yourself.
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Enjoy your birthday, Shell.... Stay sweet!!

Kisses and hugs from me, Daisy, Venus n Isys! ^.^

Many cheers!
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Happy Bday Chikk!!!!

26 and your old????? Ha! Then don't look my way girlfriend,I'm the ancient one!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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Happy Birthday!!!!

Enjoy your day!!

I just realized we're the same age... thats great...
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Happy Birthday! Hope you're having fun.
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Happy Birthday Shell!
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Happy Birthday wishes coming your way! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Sweet
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Woohooo Shell! Happy Birthday Girl. Hope your day is wonderful!
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Hope you're having a terrific (and relaxing!) day! ENJOY!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Shell!!!!
I hope your day has been very nice and special, since it´s YOUR OWN day!

PS. Where do you all find all those very nice birthday pictures?
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Thanks Guys! You all are so sweet! Today has been a good day...nothing special, but just nice. I haven't accomplished a single thing except for watching the race, watched Armageden (sp?) and now I'm watching A Time To Kill. Dad grilled out for dinner and now I've got a major urge for some ice cream. I am little bummed..no cake today! I really didn't need it anyway!!

Thanks again guys for making my day special. It really made me happy!

Sesselja, follow this link. It's got some great smilies and etc! I think this is the site that most of us use for the good smilies! Best Smileys

OH..did your son have a Happy Birthday too? I sure hope so! Hope you took some pictures...would love to see them!
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Yes Oliver turned one year yesterday. I had some relatives and friends over to celebrate. I had baked some cakes, but my pride was the Winnie the Pooh cake. I deffenetly will show you that cake when I get the film develloped (don´t have a digital yet...)
Oliver was so happy, he got a lot of nice presents that make sound, have moveable parts etc... but his favorite toys are still the diper bucket and the laundry basket
He is recently standig up agains everything, and today while standing against this Fisher Price thing we gave him, which makes sound and has small balls going down a round slide if you put them through the right place, he actually walked a few times several steps!!!
I was able to borrow the Pooh cake pan from a friend of a girl I know, but I really like a Pook pan on my own, so now I may need your help, people who live in countries that are not Iceland where some things are just not available... I am a HUGE Pooh fan, and of course we had Pooh paper plates, Pooh paper table cloth, Pooh napkins, and of course the Pooh cake!
Oh, it was so much fun to celebrate a children´s birthday, and evern MY OWN child! I really recomend this!
Pictures will be coming! And also from the swimming class, we bought disposable camera that can be used under water, and I am so excited to see those photos!

Sorry Shell about going on and on in your birthday thread!
Hey, maybe I should just something about it in a new thread? I am just such a shy threadstarter!

Happy birhtday again!
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I am sooooo sorry I missed this Shell Would you ever forgive me???? I hope your day was wonderful!!!! How old are you now???
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Hope you had a great day Shell!
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