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Neutering - My Epic Journey Of Fail

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Hahaha, I am now calming down from nearly three days of psychoville. Nerves, anxiety, an onslaught of my personal fear of hospitals, and one cranky cat later, and I have come out on top with a neutered, micro chipped, vaccinated cat. And lessons learned.

So as the big day was finally coming along, I started to get my nervous anxiety, cuddling and snuggling with my cat a little too much. You see, my cat is not the touchy feely kind. He does not like being picked up and cuddled, and I've had a lot of scratch attacks in the last few days from my zealous love for kitty cat.

After bringing Jessie into the vet, and going through the decisions of what I wanted to have done, I opted to get him micro-chipped as well as the rabies and neutering, and I'm glad I did. Having it all done at once made things a heck of a lot easier.

But it was around 8 pm when I brought him in, and after getting the top off his carrier, my cat went into crazy fear-of-humans mode, hissed at the vet, scratched and attacked me when I picked him up, and eventually managed to escape from my arms and run back into the waiting room. Which was fortunately empty of people and pets. We finally got him on the scale (14 pounds!) and managed to get him back into his carrier and the vet gave him the anaesthetic.

Then he asked me if I wanted to stay while the surgery was happening and take my cat home that night. The surgery would only take a couple minutes, then two hours after for him to rest and to monitor him for bad reactions to the vaccine and whatnot.

It seemed like a good idea, so I sat in the waiting room during the operation, read two dog magazines, and listened to the music on the radio.

Eventually vet said, hey you can come in now.

Thats when my brain melted. My kitty was passed out, more still than I had ever seen him. Vet did the microchip test for me while I was half stuck on looking at my kitty and half watching what he was doing. And then kitty woke up, eyes glazed, the trademark 'catatonic' stare of 'whu? where am I? Whose that weird chick in front of me?' and me thinking, 'DAMN! I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!' Because I was having post traumatic stress disorder symptoms from the last time I had to see a cat, passed out in a vets office. I've had too many bad experiences in vets.

Anyways I asked the vet if I could go for a walk and he said sure, because my cat had to rest for two hours. I got out of the vets and ran for it, right back home, and had an hour of panicky conversation with my boyfriend about all my stressed out feelings about my cat, the vet, the vet hospital, and my firm decision to get insurance for my cat because of traumatic memories about my first cat nearly dying because we didn't have the money for surgery.

And I knew I couldn't go back, and called the vet and told him I would be back in the morning to pick up my cat, but I needed to sleep.

So today I get my cat from the vets. 14 pounds of stressed kitty in a cat carrier, walking back to my apartment building, since I don't have a car. (Side note. It is REALLY a great relief knowing that there's a Veterinary Hospital just down the block from me, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any time I need it!)

My back hurts, my legs hurt, and this isn't even the end of my story! I take the carrier into the living room and let him out, and he immediately runs for his litterbox. Then I fill his water and food dishes for him and he eats and drinks and splashes water everywhere. Then he goes into a frenzy of cleaning himself, avoiding me, and scratching the new jangly tags on his collar. All the while I'm thinking to myself My cat smells, his carrier and blanket are soaked with urine, they didn't feed him like they said they would or he wouldn't be so ravenous, and is it safe to give him a bath and god, will he LET me give him a bath yet?

Finally he calmed down, and I was worked back into a froth, and went online to check out the vet insurance company the vet recommended, and I'll be getting a policy from them. http://petsecure.com/ if anybody else has had experience with this insurance company PLEASE PLEASE give me your review! I want to choose the right one, and this seems to be a good one, I know nothing about insurance though!

Anyways, when kitty finally calmed down to a sleepy behaviour I felt safe enough to go out, buy some pet shampoo (it has a picture of a dog, but it says its for 'pets' and says nothing about dogs only, so I hope its right! None of the pet shampoos had a cat picture on it!)

And now I'm calmed down. And kitty is acting a little weird. Letting me pet and scratch him one second, then the next biting me. Uh-huh.

And do you think its safe to bath him yet, or should I wait awhile? Should I call my vet and ask? It didn't say anything about bathing on the check sheet of what to do that he gave me, I don't want my kitty to be all dirty, but he already seems to be cleaning himself, so I don't want to ruffle him up again.

At least one thing has gone right. He's wearing a collar, he's vaccinated and he's fixed. :3 Which is why we had this epic journey in the first place. Hooray!
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I would wait on bathing for a couple of days as he just got neutered.

Honestly... if you were that panicked you should have let your vet know that you didn't want to see your cat in a state like that. Communication like that is very important for the future.

Also I'm wondering if maybe he was left in his carrier because he's maybe not that nice of a cat at the vets office? I mean they should have told you if he was being bad but that's the only reason I can think that he would have been left in his carrier.

Yay at least the hard stuff is done!
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Well, to be honest I didn't know I would REACT that way. I really wanted to see my cat. I was in a good mood after reading the magazines in the waiting room. The music had soothed my nerves. The reaction I had was unexpected. :/

And now that I've been through all this I know how I'll react if I need to take him in for anything in the future! (Heaven forbid he need any other surgery!)
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It's okay, I reacted the same way when they let me see Booboo after his penile surgery. He actually turned around in the cage like he wanted to say "LOOK What they DID to ME!!" I was so horrified when I saw it that it's the only thing I can remember about going in there. It's a real shock when you see your animal in certain situations I am glad he is doing ok though, I would wait on the bath and call the vet to ask when might be a good time
My cat never used or uses the litter box while at the vet. He is too nervous I guess. When he came home from the dental it took him 3 hours to finally go to the bathroom, and BOY did he go! I know my baby won't eat there either, when he was there for his surgery. He stepped in it. Another message for the vet, I guess
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Oh, your poor baby - but, you're not the only one who's been a nervous parent. I agree, next time let the vet's office know you may tend to be stressed out. They've seen everything - but will be better prepared to help you through the procedure as well.

When my Dante had his dental cleaning, I was fine til I got him home and he was walking around like a drunken sailor. I had interpreted groggy as being tired - my guy wasn't tired at all, was hissing everywhere, and kept falling down. I was on the phone immediately, and both the staff and the vet reassured me and told me to call back if I had any other questions. Dante kept hissing all night - wasn't til about 2:30 in the morning that he seemed like my sweet boy again (yeah, he tried to nip me a few times, when he wasn't head butting me).

Oh, while I had asked if I should bring his food for after the dental, while they were holding them, it ended up he had to fast for 12 hours post surgery as well (my practice seems to be conservative) - and he was in his carrier as well - but, as it was a large sherpa bag, they may have decided he'd feel more comfortablein there than just in a regular holding cage.

I'd hold off on bathing him too - or at least call the vet and ask for their advice regarding timing.

Hope you're all feeling much better this evening!
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