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Where should I start?

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Zeus had a coritsone shot about a month ago. His eyes and his nose cleared right up and he raced around like a kitten again. Now that it is wearing off he is worse than before. I don't know what to do! I am going to change his litter back but what else should I try. We don't use carpet freshner and I guess I should try no fabric softener on our laundry. He is just so miserable. There are no cat allergists in this small town and with Keller's recent c-section I really can't take him to the nearest one (90 miles). I feel like I may have to re-home him to someone who can give him the help he needs. Maybe someone without 4 kids
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what is he eating?? Is your vet open to natural or holistic medicine??
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He is eating Wellness Core dry and a variety of wet, wellness, natural balance, avoderm.

My vet is very traditional and old I am not sure what he thinks about natural medicine but I use them for my family, why not the cat?

Any suggestions for me to run by him?
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quercertin ( check spelling ) ... will eat eat only wet?? ie asking cause most of the wet s you feed are simple the dry is not
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He would probably be very happy to eat only wet He lives for his morning and night "wet" feedings.
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then maybe try one flavor of wet .. ie NB has the venison and pea and feed only that for a few weeks ( 6-8 would be ideal but kitties often protest )
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he loves the venison and pea, I will start with that one. I will feed them in different rooms because Keller is still getting kitten food right now.
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