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Question of the day April 5th ?

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Morning All!!!

Today's question is:

Soap or shower gel which do you use?

I am a shower gel person all the way mainly because I have really short hair and use a product called Bliss that you can use for skin and hair....Saves on shampoo
I do however buy scented soaps occasionally not to use in the shower but I wrap them in cheesecloth and stick them in my closets and drawer for the fragrance.
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totally a bar soap person
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Bar soap all the way
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Bar soap. I like the texture and lather of it. I prefer natural, vegetable oil based bars, but I enjoy Ivory or Irish Spring now and again too.
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I've switched all my bathroom stuff to all natural products...

My soap is:

Shikai French Vanilla Moisturizing Shower Gel
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Bar soap, except when I had to take showers on the road at the terminals of the company I was with then.
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Body wash
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gel person/body wash
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I mainly use bar soap, but every now and again will use some of my body washes/shower gels.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Body wash
I am a big fan of Lush body washes
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I use Dial Body wash!
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My sis's handmade soap - mint julep scent.
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Body wash
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Either....depends on my mood really but I have both in the shower cuz hubby uses soap. If it weren't for him using soap, I probally wouldn't and would just use shower gel.
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Soap for hands and face, shower gel for the other bits!
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I use the bar soap since gels make the tub very slippery and I don't want to fall on my butt :-) Gels make your skin feel smoother tho but again the tub just gets too slippery.
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Body wash
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Shower gel, and a soap dispenser at the sink because i hate seeing cracks in bars of soap
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Special facial cleanser,then body wash for the rest
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I use body wash. I just bought honeysuckle and orange zest body wash. it smells so good.
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I'm not picky, so whatever is closest is the one I'll grab. Though I really love the Dove exfoliating bar soaps!

If we run out of both body wash and soap I resort to using old bubble bath.
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I use original Dove bar soap. I like scented shower gels but they tend to dry my skin out so the bar soap works best for me!
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Soap.... I only use the shower gel when I go to the YMCA as it's easier to travel, contain, and store than a wet bar of soap.
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