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What is the disposition of a Bengal?

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Hi there!

Can anyone tell me what Bengal's are like? I've heard mixed reviews. I'm thinking of getting an Aby and a Bengal... both males.

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Nial's the Bengal expert in here, but basically they are very active cats and smart too. An Aby and Bengal should get along well. You might consider the Ocicat too (they are Aby/Siamese/American SH background) and would do well together.

Some Bengal lines do have sensitive stomach issues in feeding. There are a lot of "backyard" breeders of Bengals, so be very careful in who you buy from.
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I could tell you about bengals from a breeders perspective, but there are quite a few bengal cat owners on this site and it is them you should hear from.

I will say that my wife and I breed not only for beautiful cats but also for temperament as we show our cats and they must be well adjusted and sweet.
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I have a one and a half year old, female Bengal (F5) named Anna. She is curious, confident, playful, active and very intelligent. She talks to me in a remarkable range of chirps, trills, chuffs and meows.

Anna's favorite game is sloshing and dumping her water bowl (it's now in the bathtub). She's fascinated by watching the water run down the drain and tries to catch it with a paw.

She has learned to open drawers and I never know what I'll find her getting into.

She gets along great with my eleven year old male cat. They play together and sleep together. They both sleep with me at night.

Her pelt is soft, sleek and sheds very little. Even though she is a small cat and weighs all of eight pounds she feels very solid when I pick her up.

She eats a combination of Blue Spa Turkey and Brown Rice and wet food twice a day. She has never had any tummy issues, but I have heard of Bengals that do.

The only thing I can think of that would be better than one Bengal is having two. I adore this little girl.

Please be aware that there are some problems in the breed with HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) a genetic heart problem. I would ask any breeder you talk to if they test for this.
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I do not own a Bengal and never have so this is what I have observed.
From what I know they are high energy cats. Many people get cats because they are laid back and not high maintenance (as dogs). Not so with the Bengal breed, they are a lot of cat, they are not lap cats and aren't lazy. They require a lot of attention, especially as kittens, lots of playtime, at least an hour a day for a well adjusted kitty. They seem to be always underfoot wanting to see what you are doing and be in on the action. Some like water. They have good personalities. They are very smart, sometimes too smart.
And high quality food is even more important in the Bengal breed. Research foods now if you haven't already, grocery store foods are not what is to be considered high quality food.
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Zoey loves singing opera in the bathtub. I swear she is a reincarnated opera singer. She gets in the bathtub where the notes echo and sings her little heart out everyday. I really need to capture her singing on video. I've never seen anything like it. She can belt out a tune. She also loves to take baths with me.

Zoey doesn't like to be held but she will spend her time hanging out with me and following me room to room. She sleeps with me under the covers. She is very bonded to us.

I could go on with all of her funny traits. I love her very much and she has filled a big spot in my heart. My husband tells me I spoil her and treat her like a queen

She has a beautiful soft pelt with glitter, and the last time we had her weighed she was almost 12 pounds.
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I have a male and a female, and what the posters above have said is true, but IMO, the male is MUCH more energetic and playful than the female. My Max is what I call a "crazy monkey clown" and he makes me laugh constantly. He plays really well with his "bruther," my DLH former feral, Ferris. They love to wrestle and play chase, and many times they will walk side by side, touching shoulders.

I think getting two males, an Aby and a Bengal, would make for a really fun, crazy household - you just need to provide them with lots and lots of climbing and scratching places, and get Da Bird for interactive play.

And please don't forget to post pictures of them here for us to enjoy.
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I have a couple of kittens that are living with aby friends. They really have compatible personality.

Bengals are playful, energic, curious, the wants a lot of attention.
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The Aby and Bengal should get along famously I should think...
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I have two male Bengals and there is NEVER a dull moment in our house. We have cat trees in every room and a wheel for them to run on to burn off excess energy.

The boys aren't lap cats but they insist on being in any room I might be in. Takoda thinks it's his right to test every single piece of food I make whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. (ok that might be my fault.)

Magnum is the bathroom lover. His favorite room in the house. He thinks every toy ever brought into the house is his and stashes them under the recliner.

If for some reason we haven't had a heavy playtime before bed we can hear them running the wheel during the night. And they will run and run and run that wheel all night long. We normally do not forget playtime
for a couple of weeks after a night like that either.

They prefer to wrestle with the dogs versus our other cats. The dogs don't wear out as fast or get annoyed when the Bengals want to continue to rough house.

None of our "regular" cats can keep up with the boys. It's like the boys are hardwired differently than the others. Everyone else can sleep the day way and play for short burst but Takoda and Magnum are the opposite.
Play all day and sleep in short burst.
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