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Shinkara Cattery in Quebec: Any opinions?

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Hi there!

I'm currently looking a purchasing an Abyssinian kitten from Shinkara Cattery which is location in Quebec. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has dealt with this cattery.
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I've checked out their website. Seem to be decent breeders. Are you having a problem with them?
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No problems... per se. Just got the impression of: "I have the best cats, everyone else breeds 'outdated looking Abys' and breeders in your area can't be trusted." This left a bad taste in my mouth. She is also estimating that most of her cats will leave to 20 years... not sure how a claim like that can be made when she's only been breeding for 14 years. Do you know what I mean? All of the pictures she sends me are beautiful and she does have nice looking Abys.
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If you don't feel comfortable with her attitude (even if she has good cats) then there are other Aby breeders with excellent cats/pedigrees. Shop around. Don't have to go to the first one you see.

When we were looking for our first Oci, we contacted several breeders. There were some that I would not touch if they gave me a kitten (and this was before I even did more research). We wound up going back to the breeder we first met at the show.

For our 2nd one, I knew even more on what to look for in a show cat, and choose a different breeder (1st one didn't deal in the color I wanted). After getting on her waiting list, I kept in touch with a few other good friends/breeders of Oci's and they highly recommended the one I chose!

If in doubt, go to a breed yahoo group (Aby) and post questions for recommendations (privately) - good or bad. Believe me, you quickly get a good or bad rep from other breeders!
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I personally would never purchase from a breeder that allows declawing, and this one does. Abys are especially sensitive and should never have their claws removed.

I know Abymummy is dealing with the recent tragedy, but she is excellent at recommending breeders. Hopefully she'll come along soon to offer some advice for you. Abys are a wonderful breed!
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Oh I agree with you. I think most Oci's take after the Aby side of them
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Oh I agree with you. I think most Oci's take after the Aby side of them
The declaw thing is easy to overlook on their site. It's only mentioned under the sales contract link.

One of these days I'm going to have to go see an Oci for myself.
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Ewww, not only do they allow de-clawing, they even offer to do it for you (at time of neutering, before the kitten goes to the new home)! Ugh.
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Then I certainly would not buy from them. One thing to not have a declaw ban, but to offer to do it when being neutered............geez. And hope they realize that in CFA you cannot show declawed cats in any catagory - even the HHP's.
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Most breeders do not want people declawing cats.
I do not like how it says they will do that.
Cfa does not allow declawed cats like Golden Kitty said.

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I'm ok. One of the things about being a breeder - it sucks some of the time.

I have actually heard of Shinkara believe it or not. They do or did have some very nice lines in their pedigree. If you want I could check them out for you - I have personally never contacted them myself. PM me if you want me to do so!

My Solehah came actually from a Canadian cattery - also CCA and CFA and granded in both
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I met Mary from Zinfelmax Cattery at the cat show.
She is a Aby breeder and has some kittens.
She loaned me a sheet for Cleos show shelter.
I do not know why she does not have a website.
Everyone seems to like her.

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